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Being an outsider is what we have in common.

An independent media and lifestyle company, Outsider aims to be the heartbeat of America, capturing the pulse of what matters most to our readers. We focus our content initiatives in two distinct divisions, News/Entertainment and Outdoors.

Outsider delivers content on the hottest shows, celebrities, and the latest in sports entertainment. Outsider also covers Country Music, from the mainstream to the more traditional, lending an expert voice to America’s most popular musical genre.

Outsider Outdoors gathers a community of experts and enthusiasts passionate about being outside, adventure, hunting, fishing, camping, and hiking.  With in-depth story-telling, profiles, videos, and authoritative product reviews, and how-tos, Outsider is dedicated to educating and inspiring the outdoors lifestyle.

Outsider reaches more than 15 million users (15.38 million unique visitors in Feb 2021 according to Google Analytics) and more than 7 million social followers making it one of the largest audiences in the outdoor lifestyle space. The social audience is highlighted by the hyper-engaged social sites Outdoors (2 million followers), Camping Page (1 M), Love to Hunt (700k), and the flagship brand Outsider (1.6 M).


Outsider, part of the D17 portfolio, was created by the founders of Rivals.com (acquired by Yahoo! 2007), 247Sports (acquired CBS Sports 2015), ComicBook.com, and PopCulture.com (acquired CBSi 2017).

Jameson Brown, EVP / Executive Editor — Former Executive Editor of PopCulture.com. Avid Country Music fan and outdoors enthusiast.

Greg Gough, Director / GM — Founding partner and former CTO of Rivals.com. Owner of Five Star Retreat, avid hunter, shooter, and Harley enthusiast.

Andy Johnson, CFO — Former CFO of three media brands and one fast-growing eCommerce brand. All media brands exited with acquisitions by public companies.

Marty Smith, Partner / Talent — One of ESPN’s most recognized and popular reporters, Smith is the driving force behind The Road You Leave Behind Country music video podcast.

Shannon B. Terry,  Executive Chairman / Founder — Former CEO and founder of four digital publishing brands. All exited with acquisitions by publicly traded companies.

Stuart McWhorter,  D17 Partner / Mergers and Acquisitions — More than 20 years experience in entrepreneurship and early-stage investing.


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