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Outsider is an independent media and lifestyle company built for the heart of America; a community of those passionate about being outside, adventure, hunting, fishing, camping, and hiking. We are the pulse for entertainment, trending news, and how-tos for the outdoor lifestyle.

Outsider reaches more than 5 million enthusiasts making it one of the largest social followings in the outdoor lifestyle space, including the hyper-engaged social sites Outdoors (2 million followers), Camping Page (1 M), Love to Hunt (700k), and the flagship brand Outsider (700k).

Outsider, part of the D17 portfolio, was created by the founders of Rivals.com (acquired by Yahoo! 2007), 247Sports (acquired CBS Sports 2015), ComicBook.com, and PopCulture.com (acquired CBSi 2017).


Greg Gough, Director / GM — Founding partner and former CTO of Rivals.com. Owner of Five Star Retreat, avid hunter, shooter, and Harley enthusiast.

Andy Johnson, CFO — Former CFO of three media brands and one fast-growing eCommerce brand. All media brands exited with acquisitions by public companies.

Shannon B. Terry,  Executive Chairman — Former CEO and founder of four digital publishing brands. All exited with acquisitions by publicly traded companies.

Stuart McWhorter,  D17 Partner / Mergers and Acquisitions — More than 20 years experience in entrepreneurship and early-stage investing.


Outsider is building a network of Outdoor experts, influencers, and brands that share our commitment to being outside and living a full and balanced life. Our team has 25 years in taking local & category experts and brands and helping them reach millions in annual revenue. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of joining our network, contact us at [email protected].