‘9-1-1’: The 3-Part ‘Blackout’ Event Ended in a Heart-Wrenching Character Exit

by Anna Dunn

9-1-1 started with a major catastrophe this year, and it ended with a devastating character exit. The three-part premiere followed the characters in turmoil after a hacker causes a city-wide blackout. While things ended well for some, one character’s end was seriously heart-wrenching and a major shock.

While a good chunk of the episode focused on Athena and Co hunting down Jeffrey, the episode also saw Maddie, played by Jennifer Love Hewitt, dropping off her baby at the firehouse, and not even with Chimney. She left a video message to Chimney following her exit.

“I’m sure that you are confused, hurt, and probably really scared. I don’t know what to say. You don’t need to go to the police or come looking for me. I’m not in any danger and no one is making me dong this. Jee-Yun is not safe with me, not now and maybe [not ever]. I know that you’re going to take really good care of her, and she’s better off without me. I love you. I love both of you. And I’m really sorry,” she said.

Maddie had been struggling with severe post-partum depression on the last season of 9-1-1, and her mental health went into full crisis mode, which saw her leaving her family behind.

It was devastating, but TV Line noted that this probably isn’t the last we’ll see of her. Jennifer Love Hewitt gave birth last month and the publication pointed out that this plotline could have helped her go on her own maternity leave.

Hopefully, we haven’t seen the last of Maddie. This would be quite a sudden and devastating way to say goodbye to the character.

An Executive Producer for 9-1-1 Teased the Exit in an Interview Earlier this Year

Fans were surprised to see that the 9-1-1 season 4 finale actually ended on a positive note, but in an interview following the finale, executive producer Tim Minnear teased major developments for Maddie. Maddie’s storyline provided an intimate look at post-partum depression and mental health struggles, and he noted that he was not going to drop that part of her story.

“It’s a story that I don’t want to give short shrift to. It will end up creating a major complication for Season 5,” he teased to TV Line. But nobody could have expected quite what happened in the last episode.

The plotline left fans upset, but in the same interview, Minnear noted that fans that wanted everything to just be peaceful for Maddie may be missing the point a bit.

“I always see tweets from the fans that are like “Can’t they just have a nice dinner?!” I’m not sure they realize what they’re asking for. If you want your favorite character to have a nice night in, it means they’re not going to be in the episode. “Tonight, on a very boring episode of 9-1-1…” he joked.

Being “boring” certainly wasn’t a problem in the recent 9-1-1 episode, but fans are still reeling.

If you want to catch the aftermath of the episode, 9-1-1 airs on Monday nights at 8/7 Central on Fox.