‘9-1-1’: Bobby Gets Festive in New Photo

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by FOX Image Collection via Getty Images)

Well, if you are a 9-1-1 fan and looking for a festive feeling from the FOX show, then check out Bobby Nash actor Peter Krause.

Krause, who has been on the FOX first-responder show since its initial season, is shown in a picture from the show’s Instagram account.

Catch Bobby in his uniform ready to make sure all the holiday cheer stays on course.

As the cutline says, Outsiders, Monday night’s show is the winter finale for 9-1-1. What will happen in the episode? Well, tune into it at 8 p.m. Eastern, 7 p.m. Central.

Besides Krause, other cast members include Angela Bassett, Oliver Stark, and Kenneth Choi.

‘9-1-1’ Star Krause Says Most First Responders Work To ‘Compartmentalize Their Lives’

Don’t believe for one minute, Outsiders, that Krause is not connected to playing Bobby. But he also knows how first responders handle life.

“As first responders, they tend to compartmentalize their lives anyway,” Krause said in an interview with TV Line from May 2021. “But that whole ‘keep calm and carry on’ attitude that they have gets challenged during this period of time.”

Watching 9-1-1 for some time will lead you to remember that Bobby and Athena Grant, played by Angela Bassett, were going through some things.

What kicked up the dust? Angela discovered that Bobby was sponsoring a woman who caused a massive pile-up while driving. Bobby is an addict in 12-step recovery who is helping another person learn about the easier, softer way of life.

Krause said that the pandemic challenged both Bobby and Athena.

“Anger comes from hurt,” Krause said of the fight between the couple. “If you’ve been a loyal viewer of the show, you know that for a long time Bobby felt like he didn’t deserve to be loved.”

Actress Angela Bassett Talks About What Convinced Her to Tackle TV Role

When you look at the cast of 9-1-1, then you will see a number of actors with a lot of years in the business. Put Angela Bassett in that group, too.

She has put together an incredible resume of film and TV work.

But playing Athena Grant? What led her to tackle this role? Well, she said that taking on the Athena role was due to respecting those whom she previously worked with on another series.

The actress chatted with Deadline in 2018 regarding her work on American Horror Story. She worked with Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuck, and Tim Minear on that FX show. Those three also are the brains and creativity behind 9-1-1.

Playing four different characters on the FX show was, according to Bassett, “very intriguing, very different from something I had done before.”