‘9-1-1’ Celebrates Its First Responders Who ‘Save L.A.’ Weekly

by Kati Kuuseoks

If you missed the Season 5 premiere of ‘9-1-1,’ you missed A LOT. We saw the first responder crew tackle one of their biggest problems yet: a citywide blackout of epic proportions. Some of L.A.’s biggest tourist traps, namely the Hollywood Walk of Fame, were a sight for sore eyes. Rubble and cars haphazardly lined the streets while escaped zoo animals made the city their stomping grounds. Apocalyptic doesn’t even begin to describe the scenes of chaos from the hit Fox drama. One character from the series didn’t even make it through the night…

The Official FOX TV Twitter account recently shared some updated crew pics of the first responders that save L.A. weekly. They shared the photos with their 1.4 million followers, who also chimed in to celebrate the cast. Pictured up top are Kenneth Choi who plays Howie Han and Aisha Hinds, also known as Henrietta Wilson. Then Oliver Stark’s Evan Buckley and Peter Krause’s Bobby Nash make up the two hunks on the bottom.

Actually, the official Twitter account for the series joined in the conversation with their own Twitter reply.

The viewers’ comments confirm these snaps are, in fact, “fire.” They especially can’t get enough of their dreamboats in uniform. Still, fans can’t help but notice the absence of another very beloved crew member. Where in the heck is Ryan Guzman’s Eddie?? Turns out, fans don’t have to wait much longer for more Eddie content. In fact, this upcoming Monday offers some promise.

What Can ‘9-1-1’ Fans Expect Next Week?

New episodes of the show’s Season 5 air every Monday 8/7 central. That being said, what can “9-1-1” fans expect ahead of this upcoming Monday? Well, an episode teaser seems to hold a lot in store for Ryan Guzman’s character Eddie.

The preview clip shares a caption that says “someone pass the tissues” because it’s about to go down. The opening scene shows Eddie in a hospital bed while it’s relayed to the doctor that he was shot 4 months ago on duty.

Eddie reveals the sniper met his death, while he walked away from the situation alive. Eddie and the doctor then grapple with the state of his mental health. He holds he “doesn’t even think about [the sniper] anymore” and the doctor quips back that this could be a sign of repression. They go back and forth until Eddie begrudgingly accepts a brochure, seemingly focused on PTSD.

Is he really as fine as he says, or does this all spell some foreshadowing for the future? You’ll have to watch to find out.