‘9-1-1’: Chimney and Maddie May Be One Step Closer To Finding Each Other in New Preview

by Megan Molseed

9-1-1’s Chimney (Kenneth Cho) may be getting a little bit closer to tracking down Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Maddie. Chimney has been searching for Maddie since she left him and their newborn daughter at the beginning of the season.

In a recent 9-1-1 episode, Buck (Oliver Stark) thinks he can hear bells of a specific Boston church after he spoke with his sister, Maddie.

So, Chimney immediately sets out to find her in the east coast city.

However, the question becomes, why is Maddie headed to Boston?

According to Maddie’s backstory, Boston is where she lived with her abusive ex-husband Doug while they were married. And, Chimney notes, while the marriage may have not been a happy one, Maddie was happy in Boston.

“He was in medical school, she was in nursing school. They barely saw each other,” Chimney explains of Maddie’s history living in Boston. “She used to tell me it was the happiest point in their marriage.”

‘9-1-1’s’ Chimney Runs Into a Familiar Face

After arriving in Boston, Chimney responds to an emergency.

While aiding at the scene, Kenneth Cho’s Chimney runs into a former acquaintance, an EMT named Eli who is played by Mac Brandt.

The two take a moment to get reacquainted. Before long, Eli points out that Chimney does not seem to be very happy.

“Still trying to carry the world’s problems on your shoulders?” Eli asks the 9-1-1 paramedic.

“Maybe I didn’t want to see [how bad it was],” Chimney tells Eli, noting how he blames himself for what is going on with Maddie.

“She was struggling,” Chimney adds. “I felt like there wasn’t anything I could do other than drive her to her appointments or remind her to take her pills.”

Chimney adds that he didn’t look at the big picture, especially when Maddie would assure him things were fine.

“Whenever she would tell me she was OK, I let myself believe it because it was easier that way, for me,” adds the 9-1-1 first responder.

“So I could go to work, put on a happy face,” he adds. “Not be filled with terror every freaking moment. That’s great for me, not so good for her.”

Does Chimney Know What Maddie Needs Most?

Eli suggests to Chimney that maybe his tracking Maddie down is doing the same thing.

“Maddie’s got this voice inside her head whispering lies right now” Eli explains. “Telling her she’s worthless, she’s a burden, that everybody she loves would be better off without her.”

Eli went on to note that it’s important that Chimney take care of himself in order to be able to take care of Maddie.

“So how do you think she’s going to feel when you show up on her doorstep looking like a man who’s just been on a month-long bender?” he continues. “You’re going to confirm every terrible, dark thought she’s ever had, and the cycle of blaming each other is going to continue and you two are going to spiral further and further apart.”

Eli goes on to note that the best way for Chimney to help Maddie at this point is to take a moment for himself.

“You can pull yourself together so eventually when you do find her,” he tells the 9-1-1 first responder. “You can be the Howie she needs.”