‘9-1-1’: Could Albert Return in a More Significant Role?

by Joe Rutland

It’s an amazing time for cast members of 9-1-1 as the show will not be back on Fox until March 2022. So, will Albert return at that time?

Let’s look at the possibility thanks to an article from TV Insider.

Albert refers to Albert Han, a firefighter played by John Harlan Kim. Oh, Albert also is the half-brother of Chimney Han, played by Kenneth Choi.

OK, so what will be the determining factor as far as a 9-1-1 return is concerned? Kim is now part of another show titled Nancy Drew after the books featuring the teenage sleuth.

Yet there is another factor, too. The last time Albert showed up on the show was in this past season’s fourth episode. He started yanking Chimney’s chain about the lack of calls at his firehouse.

What to know what Albert said to Chimney? “All I do is roll hoses and make coffee and clean,” he said. “This isn’t being a firefighter.”

Sure, from his view, it might not be the glamorous life of a firefighter. So, could Albert need up at the 118 later on next season? We’ll have to wait and see.

The series is on hiatus but will return, as we said, in March 2022. Angela Bassett, Peter Krause, Oliver Stark, and Aisha Hinds will return as part of the cast at that time. The show airs on Monday nights. Its spin-off, 9-1-1: Lone Star starring Rob Lowe, opens its season on Monday night, Jan. 3.

‘9-1-1’ Star Kenneth Choi Has Been Missing This Season. Here’s Why

While we talked about Albert more than Chimney, we’d like to know where actor Kenneth Choi was during the 9-1-1 season so far?

Right now, his relationship with Maddie continues to be solid.

We think that we might have an idea or two about his absence. See, Jennifer Love Hewitt, who plays Maddie, has been off the show for maternity leave.

The plot where Maddie disappears and Chimney goes looking for her pops up on the show because Love Hewitt recently gave birth to a child. This way, she can spend time away while welcoming her child into the world.

Choi’s name is still part of the show’s credits. And we really think, Outsiders, that he has been off the show due to Hewitt’s time off.

Are Choi and Hewitt both leaving the show? It does not look like that’s in the cards at all.

Just chalk this lack of his appearances due to the maternity leave. Hewitt’s character Maddie left her baby behind as she is dealing with post-partum depression.

Hey, we all will be ready when Maddie and Chimney reunite. But there is going to be a lot of repair work ahead.