‘9-1-1’ Faces ‘Ghosts’ and Strange Encounters in Creepy New Trailer

by Lauren Boisvert

“9-1-1” is like that one late trick or treater who comes to your house after the streets are empty and all the candy is gone. It may be a little tardy to Halloween, but “9-1-1” is still putting out a spooky episode tonight, Monday Nov. 8 at 8.

In a promo video, the show seems to be dealing with “ghosts” in the new episode. Whether they’re “real” ghosts or not, it’s unclear. But there are a lot of weird happenings in the promo.

The LAFD enters a woman’s apartment to find her passed out on the couch. Evan “Buck” Buckley says the woman’s roommate called 911, only for her to reply that she doesn’t have a roommate.

In another scene, a man calls 911 because he thinks he’s buried alive. The following scene shows crews digging up a wooden casket.

“Everything we’ve seen, and you guys don’t believe in ghosts,” says Buck. “I just think it would be cool to have a real encounter.” Buck might get his wish, but I’m not sure if anyone else is as enthusiastic about seeing ghosts. There might be a real world explanation for everything going on, there might not. If it is ghosts, it’ll surely be a wild departure from what “9-1-1” has done in the past 4 seasons.

With Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk as creators of “9-1-1,” this spooky episode surely won’t disappoint. Those are the two who made “American Horror Story,” after all. This episode isn’t far out of their backyard.

‘9-1-1’: Michael Grant Faces a Tough Decision in Episode 8

In next Monday’s episode, titled “Defend In Place,” the 118 rushes to the scene of an explosion that happens to be the hospital where Dr. David Hale is a surgeon. We’ll see if they’re able to get everyone out in time.

But, the title is also a reference to a practice in the medical field where, when something catastrophic happens in a healthcare facility, patients who are unable to leave the building are allowed to stay and continue receiving care. It’s a strategy that minimizes the need for evacuation through building components and training.

Additionally, on the show, Michael Grant has to make a life-changing decision in episode 8. There’s no clue what that might be, but it promises to be important. As we know, Michael is Athena Grant’s ex-husband. The two divorced when he came out as gay, but they remain close friends.

Could Michael’s decision in the episode have something to do with his tumor? In season 3 it was revealed that his tumor would no longer be a problem, but these things have a habit of coming back. Although the synopsis refers to the decision as “life-changing,” part of me can’t help but hope it’s nothing too serious. For the character’s sake, at least.