‘9-1-1’ Fans React to Heartwrenching Moment Athena Goes Too Far

by Megan Molseed

This week we saw exactly what happens when you push Athena Grant way too far. And, it’s not pretty. During Monday night’s 9-1-1 episode we see the officer who is played by Angela Bassett come face to face with her son, Harry’s, kidnapper.

The tense stand-off ends with Athena flying off into a trigger-happy fury of bullets after the kidnapper threatens her husband’s life.

“Athena protected her man but still needs to find her son,” notes a Tuesday morning 9-1-1 on Fox Twitter post.

The heart-wrenching moment where Athena fights for her guy, 9-1-1 firefighter Bobby Nash (Peter Krause) was included in the post.

And, fans seemed to be just fine with the 9-1-1 officers’ choice.

Athena Gives ‘9-1-1’ Fans A Shock

One poster responded in a way that seemed to find Athena’s reaction worth it, and that Bobby was completely worth it.

The statement, however, needed very few words and was just a photo of Bobby Nash looking as awesome as the fire-chief often does, standing next to a fire truck.

The photo was simply captioned “Her man!”

Of course, the Twitter user added a bit more to the post, with a heart-eyed smiley face and a flame emoji.

One Twitter user pointed out how seriously Athena takes threats against the people she loves. Especially Bobby.

“Athena don’t play about Bobby at all,” notes @desumbruh. “how many shots was that???”

Another Twitter user needed very few words to communicate their thoughts on Athena’s very intense reaction to the situation. All they needed was a thirty-nine-second clip taking us through the 9-1-1 characters moving love story. Starting with Bobby’s proposal of course.

Much to the 9-1-1 officer’s horror during the Monday night episode, the kidnapper bled out on the ground where he fell, before Athena, Bobby or any of the other 9-1-1 officers could get information on where Harry was being kept.

Once Athena realizes what she has done, she tries to get as much information as she can before the criminal dies from his wounds.

“Keep him alive,” you can hear Athena say of the kidnapper in the video. “Keep him alive.”

Athena and Bobby are Nothing Like Her First Marraige

Athena Grant and Bobby Nash were married in the second season of FOX’s 9-1-1.

Before her marriage to Bobby, Athena was married to Michael who later came out as gay.

While Michael and Athena knew their relationship was over with this resolution, they did initially try to stay in their marriage for their two children, May and Harry.

While their intentions were in the right place, both Athena and Michael realized their efforts were doing more harm than good. The couple initially split before the start of 9-1-1’s second season.