‘9-1-1’ Goes to the Zoo in Wild Season 5 Opening

by Kati Kuuseoks

As a child, the prospect of escaped zoo animals probably sounded pretty amusing. Maybe you even found yourself wishing for it on your birthday or dreaming about it at night. Now, finding yourself in that situation as an adult? Not so much. Some Nebraska residents actually got to experience that firsthand this month. A rhino escaped from its enclosure, raising a “Shelter in Place” order until its eventual apprehension. While no one got hurt in that situation, TV’s “9-1-1” crew might not be so lucky.

In a wild Season 5 opening, “9-1-1” explores what it’s like to show up to a post-apocalyptic scene where chaos runs amuck– and so do the exotic animals. We’ve got your first look right here.

“9-1-1” Goes On a Field Trip They Never Signed Up For

We are mere hours away from the Season 5 premiere of Fox’s hit TV drama “9-1-1.” As described by IMDb, the show “explores the high-pressure experiences of the first responders who are thrust into the most frightening, shocking and heart-stopping situations.” You might be wondering what tonight’s journey is all about and we’ve got some questions too. For example, what apocalyptic event left Hollywood Boulevard in such bad shape and– wait a minute, did I just see a giraffe?

The season preview shows abandoned cars scattered haphazardly across the road with the Hollywood Walk of Fame covered in litter. The show’s main cast appears on the screen in full uniforms, armed only with hatchets. Dramatic music fills the background as the crew begins their descent down Hollywood Boulevard to assess the scene. They look uneasy as they cross paths with large birds, giraffes, and monkeys, eventually coming to a halt in front of a large, vocal elephant.

“9-1-1” co-creator Tim Minear tells Entertainment Weekly that the scene unfolds exactly as he always pictured.

“I’ve always had this image in my head of exotic animals on Hollywood Boulevard. It was just the thing I always wanted to do. I wanted something striking. I wanted to come in on something where you’re in the middle of this weird apocalypse and it feels like, ‘How did we get here?!'”

It turns out the chaos is a result of a massive ransomware/cyber attack on Los Angeles. When asked about the situation’s plausibility, Minear says: “Hey, after the last two years of reality, it just didn’t seem that far-fetched.” He’s got a good point, to be honest.

You can catch all the action in the “9-1-1” series preview titled “The Animals Are Loose” right here:

No Animals Were Harmed in the Production Process

For any animal lovers out there that may be worried about the safety of the project, Minear is here to squash that anxiety. It turns out that Disney actually sticks to really strict rules about bringing animals on set. The only live animals used for this production are the emus, camels, and a vulture. The giraffe, monkeys, and elephant are all products of CGI technology.

With such a big production, however, Minear reveals the storyline actually spans more than one episode.

“The Jurassic Park is even more Jurassic Park–y in episode 2!”