‘9-1-1’: Here’s How Jennifer Love Hewitt Affected Maddie’s Storyline This Season

by Suzanne Halliburton
FOX via Getty Images

Jennifer Love Hewitt is at home, on maternity leave, as 9-1-1 fans drive themselves crazy pondering whether Maddie ever will return to the show.

Monday’s 9-1-1 episode was new. But there was nothing mentioned about Maddie. She’s somewhere, possibly in Boston, as Chimney and her baby daughter are trying to find her.

Plus, 9-1-1 is teasing next Monday’s winter finale. Again, there’s not a hint of Maddie. Instead, next week’s episode, called Wrapped In Red, is about how our favorite first responders spend Christmas Eve. Hint. the rescues only get crazier.

From the 9-1-1 tease, the show will feature an elevator rescue. But since the show excels in loco events, this one has a twist. A woman isn’t stuck inside the elevator. She’s sprawled on top of it.

What’s a 9-1-1 Christmas Episode Without Trolley Rage?

And the promo continued with its odd takes. There’s also an incident at a park, which was decorated in twinkly, festive Christmas lights. The 118 was sent to deal with an incident of trolley rage.

Eddie (Ryan Guzman) summed up the 9-1-1 scene, as Bobby (Peter Krause) grimaced.

“So much for the most wonderful time of the year,” Eddie joked.

But again, there wasn’t a hint of Maddie.

9-1-1 showrunners, knowing Hewitt wouldn’t be available for filming because of maternity leave, gave Maddie a very maternal storyline. Maddie had baby Jee-Yun at the end of season four. But Maddie started suffering from postpartum depression. In the season five premiere, Maddie drops Jee at the station without telling Chimney (Kenneth Choi). Instead, she left him a video message.

Maddie told her husband “You don’t need to go to the police or come looking for me. I’m not in any danger and no one is making me do this. But Jee is not safe with me.”

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Chimney Was in Boston in an Episode in Early November

Then on the Nov. 8 episode of 9-1-1, the Chimney-Maddie storyline is picked up again. Chimney, with help from Maddie’s brother Buck, figured out that his wife likely is in Boston. Buck hears church bells during a phone call. And he thinks they’re from a church near where Maddie used to live when she was attending nursing school.

So Chimney, with baby Jee, traveled from LA to Boston in search of his wife. When he arrived in Boston, he jumped in to help a woman whose baby had stopped breathing. When the Boston paramedics showed up, Chimney saw Eli, one of his old friends. The two went out for drinks to catch up. Chimney explained what was happening with his wife.

Eli told Chimney: “Take a minute, take a breath and pull yourself together. When you do find her, you can be the Howie that she needs.” (Howie is another Chimney nickname for the character).

Meanwhile, Hewitt is back home, tending to baby boy, Aidan James. He was born in September. Hewitt has three children aged eight and under, so she’s busy being a mom. And 9-1-1 fans are busy fretting they won’t get to see her again on the show.