‘9-1-1’: Here’s What Pushed Peter Krause to Take Role of Bobby Nash

by Joe Rutland

Peter Krause is making his presence felt as Bobby Nash on the Fox show “9-1-1.”

What, though, might have pushed him to take the role?

Krause addresses that in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

“He (executive producer Ryan Murphy) wanted ‘9-1-1’ to drive, to move and be different from other procedural shows, and have humor and romance, and that’s what you see,” Krause said.

“I love the end result on the show,” he said. “It’s really hard work on ‘9-1-1,’ but what we end up with, it’s a superior product.”

Krause has been one of the mainstays on the Fox first responder drama since it premiered in 2018. He gets to appear on the show with Angela Bassett, who plays Los Angeles Police Department patrol officer Athena Grant-Nash.

“9-1-1” kicks off Fox’s Monday night programming as new episodes from its fifth season can be seen at 8 p.m. Eastern, 7 p.m. Central.

Fans can tune in and see how Krause and Bassett, along with other cast members, deal with emergencies in the Los Angeles area.

By the way, the show’s ratings showed an increase from its first week to its second this season. Fox probably hopes that trend continues.

‘9-1-1’ Executive Explains Why He Will Not Call Fox Show A ‘Prodecural’

Looking at “9-1-1,” it has some of the elements that make up what’s called procedural shows.

This is a term that has to do with a certain look or feel within shows.

Don’t expect show executive Tim Minear to use it.

“That we love this arena, we love a great network drama,” Minear told Assignment X in 2018. “And I resist calling it a ‘procedural,’ because it’s not a procedural, in terms of, there’s a body and we have to discover how that body got dead. It’s a first responder show.”

Watching “9-1-1” can give viewers an inside look at situations that are urgent.

Actress Aisha Hinds Says Drama Focuses On Lives of First Responders

“So, it’s more like a series of viral videos, much more in the moment,” he said. “Much more urgent, much more WTF, and then you’re onto the next thing.”

Does the cast like this approach? Aisha Hinds, who plays Henriette “Hen” Wilson, spoke about this and what the show’s main focus is on: first responders.

She told Assignment X that she considers it an amazing show and tribute to first responders.

Hinds said the show not only celebrates them and their work but also their lives

“We sort of take them for granted, but we want them to know that we do not take them for granted,” she said. “And so hopefully audiences will join us in celebrating the work that they do.”