‘9-1-1’: Here’s When the Show Returns for 2022

by Suzanne Halliburton

Cue the sirens 9-1-1 fans. Fox is tempting you with the show’s spring premiere date.

So when should you tune in expecting to see fresh episodes with Bobby, Athena, Buck and Hen, et al? Try March 21. That’s when the show will be reunited with its spinoff 9-1-1: Lone Star.

Let’s go to the 9-1-1 social media account, which touted the spring premiere news. “Did you miss us?” the account asks?” Yes, yes we did.

Last We Saw 9-1-1, the 118 Was Trying to Celebrate Christmas

So here’s where 9-1-1 left off. Back on Dec. 6, the show tried to celebrate Christmas as best as a show about first responders can. But the part was kind of a bust.

Maybe the premiere will be a better party. The March debut episode will have a Speed flavor. The first responders will race to rescue a family. Sounds like pretty standard 9-1-1 action. But there’s always a twist. This family is traveling in a pick-up truck, which is rigged with a pipe bomb. If the truck slows to under 55 mph, the bomb goes boom.

The episode likely will bring us Jennifer Love Hewitt as Maddie. The character was in the season five premiere but has been MIA since then. It’s all OK. Hewitt gave a quick update to her fans earlier this month. She posted a photo on Instagram showing off her shorter hairstyle. And she captioned the snap: “Oh Maddie how I have missed you. Since you’ve been gone we both have changed. But coming back together feels good. See you guys in March.”

So Maddie Is Returning, But What About Eddie?

Don’t worry about Hewitt. It’s all OK. The actress was on maternity leave after having baby No. 3. Meanwhile, her character was having issues with postpartum depression after having a baby girl in season four. Maddie dropped off baby Jee-Yun off at the 118. And she left Chimney (Kenneth Choi) a video message, telling him “you don’t need to go to the police or come looking for me. I’m not in any danger and no one is making me do this. But Jee is not safe with me.”

Chimney, who brought Jee with him, was in Boston the last time 9-1-1 focused on the couple. Maybe Buck will help bring his big sister back to LA.

Meanwhile, here’s hoping the 9-1-1 premiere also brings some clarity to the Eddie issue. The Christmas episode was all about Eddie raising his son, Christopher, as a single dad. Christopher’s mother died a while back. And during Christmas season, Christopher was feeling anxious about his dad’s dangerous career choice. He told Eddie (Ryan Guzman) that he thought his dad would be dead by next Christmas.

So Eddie told his 9-1-1 friends at their Christmas party that he was leaving the 118. It doesn’t appear that Guzman actually is leaving the show. But here’s hoping the 118 can bring back Eddie while easing Christopher’s anxiety. Plus, what would Buck (Oliver Stark) do without his best friend?