‘9-1-1’: Here’s Where You Recognize Eddie From

by Megan Molseed

Since 9-1-1’s second season, Eddie Diaz has been a core character in the popular FOX series.

However, when he was first introduced to 9-1-1’s team, actor Ryan Guzman was the slightly familiar “new kid” in the fire station.

While Guzman has certainly established himself and a variety of relationships on 9-1-1 fans have noticed the actor has “one of those faces.” One that we know we have certainly seen on screen before the actor became part of the 9-1-1 team.

Initially, Ryan Guzman entered the business as a successful model.

‘9-1-1’s’ Guzman Dances (And Models) His Way To Fame

However, he soon decided to jump straight into acting with a few impressive dance moves. Landing the lead role in the fourth Step Up film, Step Up Revolution.

In the hit 2012 dance film, Guzman portrays Sean, a Miami dancer who is teaching Kathryn McCormick’s Emily how to step outside of her intense dancing past, bringing a variety of dance styles to her professional repertoire.

Ryan Guzman later reprised his Step Up role taking a part in 2014’s addition Step Up: All ln, despite learning to dance professionally through the franchise.

“My first dance lesson was Step Up Revolution,” Guzman explains of his Step Up role. Guzman does add, however, that while he never received professional training prior to the films, dancing had always been a part of his life.

“Being raised in a Latin household, dance was an important part of your upbringing,” the actor explains. In all, Guzman says he finally landed the role as Step Up’s Sean after four acting auditions and six dancing auditions. However, it certainly did not hurt that he had incredible chemistry with his costar, Kathryn McCormick.

Shortly after lighting up the big screen with his impressive dance moves, Ryan Guzman went a much more intense route as he took the role of Noah Sandborn opposite Jennifer Lopez in the thriller, The Boy Next Door.

Guzman Lands A Breakthrough Role Opposite Jennifer Lopez

In the film, Jennifer Lopez portrays a teacher named Claire whose relationship with her young next-door neighbor – and student – begins to escalate to some horrific proportions.

Separated from her husband, who is played by John Corbett, Jennifer Lopez’s Claire first finds her young nineteen-year-old neighbor to be intriguing, and the pair soon begin a physical relationship.

However, Claire soon regrets the situation and tries to establish a distance between her and Guzman’s Noah. Noah, however, won’t be taking no for an answer. Soon, the young neighbor is stalking the teacher. Noah even goes as fat as blackmailing Claire and threatening her and her family.

Of course, this film is a big step for the 9-1-1 star. Not just because it was a big blockbuster movie, but because he found himself filming some pretty intense themes with one of Hollywood’s hottest stars, Jennifer Lopez.

“My dad went into a theater full of all my friends and family back home in Sacramento,” he remembers of Boy Next Door Premiere. “Right around that part in the movie, he decided to get up and yell out, ‘That’s my boy!'”