‘9-1-1’: How Ryan Guzman Got His Real-Life Family Involved in ‘Eddie Begins’ Episode

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by FOX via Getty Images)

Last year, fans of the popular Fox series 9-1-1 got to know one character on a bit of a deeper level during a look into the past of Ryan Guzman’s Eddie Diaz.

And, through this, Guzman was able to bring a family member onto the 9-1-1 crew to help develop the sensitive storyline.

In the 2020 9-1-1 episode titled Eddie, Begins Eddie answers a call to rescue a child trapped in a well.

The events that unfold during the rescue lead the 9-1-1 player to reflect on his past, giving viewers a glimpse into Eddie’s origin story as a soldier in Afghanistan.

“I got to actually get my cousin hired,” Ryan Guzman tells Hollywood Life of how his own cousin served as an expert when filming his 9-1-1 flashback scenes.

“He’s ex-military and he’s on his fifth or sixth tour,” the star explains.

‘9-1-1’ Uses Experts To Help With Emotional Storylines

Guzman notes that his cousin had some intense experiences overseas for being only twenty-five years old. This, of course, made the soldier the perfect technical advisor for Eddie’s Afghanistan flashbacks.

“He’s only 25 years old,” the 9-1-1 star says.

“He ended up coming over to become a technical advisor and actually reorganizing a lot the Afghanistan stuff,” Guzman adds. “So that was a cool aspect of bringing my family and getting hired on 9-1-1 of all things.”

In 2019, Ryan Guzman opened up about his character’s long battle with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) since returning from his tour in Afghanistan.

Guzman is very happy with how the 9-1-1 showrunners have handled topics such as this.

As many know, PTSD can affect people in a variety of different ways, and this is something the show’s writers are cognizant of when dealing with the veteran’s daily struggles.

Eddie Deals With Daily Struggles

According to Guzman, Eddie’s struggles with his PTSD are more introverted. And, the star notes, Diaz has joined the 9-1-1 fire force in order to find a “rush.”

As Guzman noted in the interview, many soldiers have chosen to become firefighters or police officers after they’ve returned from Afghanistan.

This, the actor notes, gives the veterans an adrenaline rush. A rush they need because “they’re not producing enough endorphins just living their day-to-day lives,” after returning home.

“I think that’s what Eddie has done,” Guzman says.

“He came back from the war in which he had to save his own convoy,” the actor explains. “It’s not easy to integrate back into civilian life.”

According to Guzman, it’s likely this action that ultimately calms Eddie Diaz as he addresses his PTSD.

“He needs something to calm his nerves,” the 9-1-1 star says. “With him, it’s the action that calms him the most, I think.”