‘9-1-1’: How to Watch, What to Expect in Tonight’s New Episode

by Joe Rutland

Fans of the FOX first-responder drama 9-1-1 are gearing up to sit at home and watch their favorite show on Monday night.

What can these Outsiders expect to see? We will bring you the latest information with a tip of the hat toward TV Line.

Tonight’s episode is titled Defend In Place. An explosion rocks the hospital where Dr. David Dale, played by La Monde Byrd, is performing surgery. Michael Grant, played by Rockmond Dunbar, makes a life-altering decision.

Catch tonight’s new episode of 9-1-1 on FOX at 8 p.m. Eastern, 7 p.m. Central. 

Angela Bassett and Peter Krause star as Los Angeles Police Department patrol sergeant Athena Grant-Nash and Los Angeles Fire Department Station 118 captain Bobby Nash.

‘9-1-1’ Monday Night Episode Will Help Answer Question: Can Bobby Save David?

One of the storylines to follow on Monday night, Outsiders, is between Bobby Nash and David Dale.

A fire breaks out after an explosion hits a local hospital. Someone calls 9-1-1 and tells them about it, but one problem arises: David is doing surgery inside.

So, Bobby has some fast decisions to make.

Can he get in there and save David in time? It’s something Bobby has to consider before heading into the hospital.

On 9-1-1, the LAFD first-responder has to weigh options. Also, if David leaves and does not complete the operation, then the patient might just die. If David stays, then he could get trapped and probably die, too.

Athena reassures Michael that she has faith in Bobby. He’s going to rescue as many as possible.

Kenneth Choi Digs Depiction Of Hen and Chimney’s Relationship

You don’t have to ask Kenneth Choi twice about his thoughts of the 9-1-1 depiction of Hen’s relationship with Chimney.

Choi chatted with TV Insider back in February. In the interview, he recalls a Season 4 moment.

He said that a scene outside the ambulance “is a perfect depiction of Hen and Chimney’s relationship.

“After Hen realizes who Chimney’s secret is about, he feels awful for keeping that secret from his best friend,” Choi said.

But Hen is also sympathetic towards him.

Should Hen pry into the matter, Choi said Chimney will “fold like a cheap suit.

“It sounds as if she is telling him that she doesn’t want that burden of also knowing the secret, but in reality, she is supporting him by allowing him to keep his promise,” Choi said.

FOX Show Puts Spotlight On First Responders in Primetime Slot

This show puts first responders and their lives center stage on this FOX drama show.

There have been other shows featuring firefighters and police officers over the years.

In the 1970s, Emergency! on NBC highlighted work done by paramedics. Other shows like Adam 12 showcased patrol officers.