‘9-1-1’: Is Taylor and Buck’s Relationship in Jeopardy?

by Taylor Cunningham

It looks like Taylor is keeping a secret on 9-1-1, and it could end her relationship with Buck.

On Monday’s episode of 9-1-1 titled Ghost Stories, recurring characters Taylor Kelly and Lou Ransone got a lot of screentime. And Taylor got a lot more interesting.

Ghost Stories started off with a man being buried alive. And the crew of 118 has to figure out how to get to him before he suffocates. Taylor meets the crew there to report on the case, and Lou is the detective tasked with solving it.

Throughout the episode, the two argue over their theories about the case. But in the end, they find out that the victim had paid a hitman to kill his wife. But the would-be murderer fell in love with the wife and decided not to kill her. Instead, he and the scorned spouse hatch a plan to murder the husband instead.

When Taylor finds out, she tracks down the hitman to get a scoop for her story, which of course worries and angers Buck. And Buck noticed that Taylor’s risky behavior is a trend. She puts herself in dangerous situations all too often, and he doesn’t understand why.

The conversation turns into a fight, and Taylor makes it clear that she can’t let mysteries remain unsolved. At the end of the episode, Buck goes to bed, but Taylor can’t sleep because something is on her mind. So she opens her laptop and starts reading through an old article about an Arkansas doctor convicted of murdering his wife by staging a suicide.

The court sentenced the doctor to 35 years in prison after two trials, despite his innocent plea. The article notes that the first attempt to prosecute the doctor ended in a mistrial when the jury was deadlocked. And once the second jury convicted the doctor, he told the judge that “the jury has made a terrible mistake.”

Taylor Seems To Have a Tragic Past on ‘9-1-1’

Ever since Taylor first appeared on the series, she’s been passionate about her career as a journalist. And at times, it seems like she’s only dating Buck so she can get information for her stories. But after this week’s episode, it looks like the character is up to more than we could have guessed.

It’s hard to guess Taylor’s connection to the case, but it seems evident that whatever it is, it’s personal. One possibility is that she worked as an investigative journalist on the case. The article did not have a byline, so there is nothing to say she did or didn’t write it. And because Taylor made the comment that she can’t give up on a mystery, it seems plausible.

But another theory is that the doctor is her father. The doctor’s last name is Martin, which of course isn’t Taylor’s last name. But the emotional scene made it feel as though she was tied to the doctor as more than just a journalist.

Either way, it looks like the backstory could jeopardize her relationship with Buck. For one, he obviously doesn’t like how obsessed his girlfriend can become with cases, and she’s clearly obsessed with this one. And on top of that, it happened in Arkansans. So her drive to solve the murder may take her far away from LA.

Or perhaps, her connection is more sinister than we can guess.