‘9-1-1: Lone Star’: Full Recap of Season 3, Episode 2 ‘Thin Ice’

by Amanda Glover
(Photo by FOX via Getty Images)

After the anticipation that comes with waiting a week for the next episode, fans finally got more 9-1-1: Lone Star.

On Monday, several members of the 126 dealt with unspeakable horrors while battling a massive ice storm. I mean, T.K. helped rescue a little boy from underneath the thick ice. The action was intense, it sent T.K. to the hospital.

Before Tommy noticed that T.K. vanished in the blizzard, many understood his victory would be a short one. The risks for hypothermia were too strong for him not to need medical care after the rescue.

As his condition worsened in the freezing snow, T.K. started speaking Hebrew and even attempted to hit Nancy and Tommy with a stick. The combination of his symptoms sent him to the ICU.

When Carlos made it to the ICU, he attempted to lighten the mood by unleashing some humor. “Typical T.K., it’s the first time he wants to talk to me in months and he’s in the ICU.” Hopefully, T.K.’s desire for communication with Carlos will continue once he recovers.

Well, if he recovers. The mood quickly shifts after Nancy says they need to find T.K.’s father. It didn’t help that after Tommy finished talking with his doctor, she started crying.

Meanwhile, Owen dragged a guy from the snow as well as cauterized the guy’s wound. Owen also successfully radioed for help with an old ham radio. If that doesn’t scream “hero,” what does? But after the guy became frightened, he took off. This forced Owen to return to the snow.

After Owen passes out, he is taken in by a group of people who were on the run from their coyote captors. One of whom happened to be the guy whose life Owen saved in the cabin. 

The episode ended with the same guy arriving at the scene with a gun.

What Will Become of T.K. and Carlos in 9-1-1: Lone Star

With T.K. not in the best place towards the end of “Thin Ice,” fans fear the worse when it comes to T.K. and Carlos’s (Tarlos) relationship.

The Season 3 premiere revealed that the couple had broken up since the show took a pause. But in the ‘Thin Ice,’ it looked like the two might end up on decent terms. This thought is short-lived after it’s revealed that T.K. is likely dying.

Earlier this month, fans of 9-1-1: Lone Star got a few answers from showrunner, Tim Minear in an interview with TV Insider. When asked about the future of Tarlos, Minear told fans “not to despair.” That “the thing that we do on this show and on 9-1-1, I think one of our strengths is not just tearing people apart, but it’s the reunions. It’s putting them back together. It’s them earning their place back at the side of the person that they belong with. That’s the journey, and then that’s the reward.”

Sorry Outsiders. Right now, all we can tell you all is to stay tuned.