‘9-1-1: Lone Star’: Here’s How Lisa Edelstein’s Gwyn Returned on the Show

by Anna Dunn

9-1-1: Lone Star guest actress Lisa Edelstein returned to the show as her character, Gwyn. Here’s why:

Unfortunately, Gwyn didn’t return to the show for any good reason. Gwyn did return when her son, T.K strand, was injured in season 2. And this time, T.K is comatose. But she actually didn’t return to the show in the same way she did last year.

This time, she returned to the show as a different version of herself. Because she returned as a figure of T.K’s coma dreams. In it, she tells T.K to fight for his life and makes cookies for him. And she should continue to be in his coma dreams as the show goes into the fourth episode.

Fans are hoping that there’ll even be a West Wing reunion between Lisa Edelstein and Owen Strand actor Rob Lowe. The two were on that show together back in the day. And if Rob Lowe’s Owen Strand also enters T.K’s dream state, it would be a fun way to see the two together again.

We’ll Learn a Lot More about ‘9-1-1: Lone Star’ Character T.K Strand Through These Dreams

According to T.K Strand actor Ronen Rubinstein, his scenes with Lisa Edelstein were incredible to shoot. In the upcoming fourth episode, we should prepare for some truth bombs about T.K’s relationships. We’ll learn more about his relationship (and breakup) with Carlos. We’ll also learn more about his relationship with his mother.

In an interview with TV Insider, the T.K Strand actor broke down what we can expect.

“We’ll definitely learn why T.K. and Carlos [Rafael Silva] broke up. That’s a big part of it. We might get some more clarity about that in episode 4,” he said. He also noted in that interview that we’ll find out who broke up with who, which fans have been speculating about since we found out the couple broke up off-screen.

But the actor seems really excited about what we’ll learn about his family life.

“We’ll get to learn a lot more about what his mom truly means to him and we’ll get to see probably the most in-depth view of their relationship. We’ll see truly how close they are and how much she means to him. We’ve very much followed the storyline of T.K. and his dad and now we get to finally follow the story of T.K. and his mom, and it’s a really beautiful, special relationship,” he said.

“The scenes with Lisa are honestly some of my favorite stuff I’ve ever shot,” he continued. And with the dream sequence, he’s excited about how creative they were able to get.

If you want to watch the next episode of 9-1-1: Lone Star, you can tune in to FOX on Monday, January 31st ad 8/7 central.