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‘9-1-1: Lone Star’: Is T.K. Going to Make It?

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by FOX via Getty Images)

T.K. is in dire straits on “9-1-1: Lone Star,” and after the recent episode on January 10, fans are left wondering if he’s going to make it. In the previous episode, he saved a kid who fell under an icy lake, and got himself a nasty case of hypothermia for his efforts. Currently, he’s in the ICU, and it’s not looking good.

It’s so bad that Nancy asked Carlos to come to T.K.’s bedside on his behalf. Carlos and T.K. decided to split up in the premiere episode, but there was never any reason why. Now, the two haven’t spoken in months, according to Carlos. Will the show explain why they broke up? Or will they get back together after T.K.’s near-death experience?

Right now, we can only assume that T.K. is going to be fine. It seems like Nancy and Tommy got to him in time, and he’s one of our main characters, he can’t die just like that. Plus, we’re getting a look into T.K.’s dream sequence while he’s unconscious. That has to be important.

‘9-1-1: Lone Star’: What T.K.’s Dream Can Tell Us

The new “9-1-1: Lone Star” episode airs tonight, January 24, so hopefully T.K.’s fate will be revealed. But, in the meantime, we can do a little dream analysis to find out what his unconscious brain is telling us.

In the dream, he gets a visit from his mother, Gwyn. They catch up on life and family, but then she tells him he needs to fight. In the dream, T.K. doesn’t know that he’s in the hospital. This could indicate that he’s getting too comfortable in his coma; unconscious life is better than waking life, and he wants to stay there.

But, his mother is there telling him to fight. That’s the part of him that wants to live. According to showrunner Tim Minear, T.K. still has a long road ahead of him. The state that T.K. is in is going to bring all the characters together.

“T.K. is going to go through a lot to try to survive,” Minear told TV Insider. “We’re gonna sort of go into his head a little bit and he’s gonna learn something about himself and it’s gonna absolutely affect everybody around him. Tommy is his captain. Owen is his father. Carlos is the love of his life. Everybody else are family members to T.K. So T.K. becomes sort of a rallying point for all the characters, and it kind of slaps Owen out of his complacency, which is not really complacency so much as it is fear.”

So, it seems like unconsciously, T.K. is going to help all of the people around him just by being in critical condition. They’re going to realize what he means to them, and who they are as a family.