‘9-1-1: Lone Star’: Rafael Silva Explains Why Carlos Reyes Doesn’t Have a Texas Accent

by Jacklyn Krol

Why doesn’t 9-1-1: Lone Star character Carlos Reyes have a Texas accent?

In an interview with Assignment X, actor Rafael Silva revealed the reason that his character doesn’t have a Texas accent. When asked if he was planning on doing an accent for Carols he responded, “Not necessarily, no.”

I chose not to. I chose for him to be of Mexican descent,” he explained. “And he grew up, he was born and raised in Austin. Austin happens to be the very liberal, one of the blue dots in Texas, so that presence, that Southern rural presence, I don’t think he was very much exposed to.”

He noted that most people grow up and end up sounding like their parents no matter their location.

I think there is the Spanish language that comes with it,” he added. “I speak both Portuguese and Spanish. I think that the naturalness of speaking another language kind of comes through English, and I think that was kind of his upbringing.”

In real life, Silva was born and raised in Brazil. He began acting in junior high school and then moved to the United States at thirteen.

Acting was never really something that I thought of pursuing,” he shared. “It was just more of a savior kind of thing for me. I started acting in high school. Then I went to college, and then almost two years later, I booked this. This is my first job.”

He then studied at Bachelor Fine Arts for film and television acting and voiceovers. He then went hard to work and the rest is history.

‘9-1-1: Lone Star’ Actor Ronen Rubinstein on Real Life Firefighters

9-1-1: Lone Star actor Ronen Rubinstein knows who the “real superheroes” are and enjoys bringing them to life on the small screen.

“When there’s crisis or there’s something awful happening in the world, we’re not calling on people with capes and tights,” he told Assignment X. “It’s firemen, it’s cops, it’s medics. So I’ve always had a tremendous respect for them, but it’s only elevated and grown.”

Rubinstein said that he studied the lives of real life first responders for his role on 9-1-1: Lone Star. Although it was a learning experience about the job, it became much more than that. He realized just how heroic they are and how they face incredibly dangerous situations with calmness.

They also keep things as realistic as possible, so they put on the entire gear. They sometimes don’t fill the tanks entirely with air but that only takes off minimal weight. The taste of the real job made him grateful and thankful for the first responders.

“They can’t show the people that they are trying to save that they’re panicked or scared or anything like that, he added. “So you have to keep a very balanced, level attitude when you approach these crazy missions.”