‘9-1-1: Lone Star’: Rob Lowe Hilariously Sees Himself in New York City

by Chase Thomas

9-1-1: Lone Star fans won’t have to wait much longer for one of their favorites to return. Yes, the star of the program, Rob Lowe reminded fans on his personal Instagram when the show would be returning on FOX.

The photo included an ad for the program, of himself, in New York City. He captioned the photo, “@911Lonestar love in the Big Apple! Get ready for Jan 3rd.”

Fans filled his comments about the return of the show. One fan wrote, “Can’t wait for the new shows to start, one of my favorites!!!!!!!!”

Another wrote, “Can’t wait for the new series in 🇬🇧 UK!!”

Rob Lowe on ‘9-1-1: Lone Star’

“9-1-1: Lone Star” is a very different kind of role for Lowe. To play his role of Owen, he had to venture out a bit and change things up in his career. While early years included more serious roles like The West Wing and The Outsiders, since then Lowe has found a niche in more comedic roles. This was a stark contrast to those roles like in Parks And Recreation.

Lowe told Entertainment Weekly, “Ryan Murphy wrote Nip/Tuck for me and my agents never gave it to me. How about them apples? [Laughs] I had lunch with him and told him how much I loved Nip/Tuck and he was horrified as well [that it didn’t work out]. It’s one of the great Hollywood stories! For 15 years, we’ve been trying to find something [to do] together, but I’ve always been unavailable for the most part. I’m a big fan of what he, Brad [Falchuk], and Tim [Minear] did with the genre.”

Lowe spills the beans that he was meant to star in Nip/Tuck many years ago but like ships in the night it never happened.

What Drew Rob Lowe to The Show

He continued, “I love action; I love a good procedural, but that kind of special sauce they throw on it makes it not only really interesting to watch but really, really interesting as an actor. In any given episode, I’m playing comedy, I’m playing a leading man, I’m playing action, and I’m playing really raw emotion. You just don’t get many opportunities as an actor to go to the kind of places that you can in Ryan, Tim, and Brad’s shows.”

Lowe wants diversity in his procedurals he says. Similar to what Vanessa Williams is looking for on ‘9-1-1’, they want to branch out and expand the horizons on these shows. They don’t want to do the same thing all the time or the burnout sets in. He likes that he is able to flex comedy and seriousness in the show, which he has done both of over the course of his long career. For Lowe, he wanted to work with Murphy for a long time. This time the stars aligned on this FOX hit starring him and a fantastic cast set return in January.