‘9-1-1: Lone Star’: Ronen Rubinstein Details Relationship Between His T.K. Character and Owen Strand

by Taylor Cunningham

A lot has changed for 9-1-1: Lone Star’s T.K. this season—and not for the better. But in an upcoming episode, his relationship with Owen Strand may help turn things around.

As we headed into season 3’s third episode tonight, we saw that T.K. was still in a coma, still broken up with Carlos, and still without the 126. And the writers gave us no hints that the firefighter’s luck would change any time soon.

“They really like to hurt T.K. I guess I’m flattered,” his actor Ronen Rubinstein told TV Insider tonight. “But also, I’m very nervous.”

And amid all the drama, one thing has been missing in T.K.’s storyline this year—his dad, Owen. In fact, the only time we’ve seen the duo together was in a still that Rubenstein posted on Instagram.

“It’s Owen by his son’s bedside while he’s in a coma again,” Rubenstein said of the picture. ” That’s an awful thing for a parent to experience and no parent should experience it multiple times.”

Owen and T.K. will Finally Unite in an Emotional Episode of ‘9-1-1: Lone Star’

Owen has also been going through the gamut on 9-1-1: Lone Star this year. Ever since he punched his new boss Billy, he’s been out of a job. And he’s also been avoiding his former team members. So knowing that his son is lying in the hospital is just pushing him into a deeper state of depression.

“It’s probably going to destroy Owen,” Ronen Rubinstein added. “And we’ll really get to see what that does to their relationship.”

And we’ll get to see it very soon. Because according to the actor, 9-1-1: Lone Star will soon highlight the bond between Owen and T.K. during a particularly emotional story.

The episode is, in his opinion, “the best stuff for T.K. and Owen.” And it will “really show you how incredible their relationship is.”

We hope that means that the two will lean on each other to get through their personal challenges and perhaps reunite the 126.

But while Rubinstein does give some optimistic news for Owen and T.K., we can’t predict what’s in store for them. However, when it comes to T.K. at least, it sounds like quite a few people will be helping him heal.

“I remember I tweeted a couple months ago, this season is gonna show you your favorite Owen and T.K. scenes, your favorite Gwen and T.K. scenes, and your favorite Carlos and T.K. scenes,” he continued. “All of them are coming up very soon. We’ll get to dive even deeper into that relationship. Because even with Owen and T.K., we followed them since day one, there is still so much more to explore and so much more to learn.”