‘9-1-1: Lone Star’: Several Lives Hang in the Balance Amid Deadly Ice Storm

by Amanda Glover

In 9-1-1: Lone Star, we’ve seen one of our favorite emergency teams get stuck in the snow. But not in a fun ‘Winter Wonderland’ way.

Luckily, we’ve included the full premise of the episode. “As the unexpected arctic cold front and ice storm continues to cause havoc in Austin, Tommy, T.K., and Gillian race to rescue a young boy who has fallen in a frozen pond. Judd and Mateo work furiously to help a trapped Paul, and Owen takes drastic measures to save a man who has been stabbed and left for dead in the snowy hill country.”

Sounds pretty intense.

The Season 3 premiere of the hit 9-1-1: Lone Star will center around a deadly ice storm. This will be one crisis the entire city of Austin, Texas will not have the easiest time handling. We don’t know about you, but Texas wasn’t the main spot in the country we expected to have much snow, let alone an ice storm. The producers of the show were likely trying to recreate the recent snowstorm that struck Texas a few months ago.

The North American winter storm began on February 13th to the 17th this year. This was a time that left many in Texas without electricity, heat, or running water. The state struggles to gather the proper resources needed because these events are rare.

9-1-1: Lone Star Real Life Storms

The 126 are not the only emergency service pushing through ice storms in the US right now. Recently, winter storms have been breaking snow and temperature records. Winter storms have made their way to the Western U.S. and the Pacific Northwest. It’s not ending there. There is a winter storm warning issued in Nevada and Northern California.

Subsequently, National Weather Service meteorologist, Eric Kurth, released a statement to The Associated Press. “We’ve had quite a series of storms that have impacted the area, especially impacted the Sierra, where we’ve had some very heavy snow amounts.”

The Weather Channel reported that up to 9 feet of snow have recently fallen around Lake Tahoe.

After snow showers made their way from Washington, Oregon, and the Gulf of Alaska, state officials have declared an emergency.

Early today, Pacific Power reported over 2,000 customers claiming loss of power. Meanwhile, on Monday, utilities in Washington and Oregon reported over 5,000 customers without electricity.

KHSL, a local television station in Chico, California recently reported dangerously low snow temperatures. “Snow levels are down into the 0 to 500′ range in the Northern Mountains and the northern end of the valley, while snow levels are down to around 1500′ in the foothills and Sierra.”

We can only imagine the lives of everyone struggling to make it in an ice storm. As more resources make their way to these states, good news on it’s way!