‘9-1-1 Lone Star’ Showrunner’ Tim Minear Reveals Why Marjan ‘Hasn’t Given Up’

by Taylor Cunningham

Life is looking grim for the characters of 9-1-1 Lone Star this season. But Marjan Marwani is determined to make things right.

Last spring, the crew of 126 learned that their new Deputy Fire Chief Billy Tyson was shutting down their firehouse, which prompted Owen Strand to punch Tyson in the face.

When the series picked back up on January 3rd, seven months had passed. And we saw that not only was the firehouse still on the chopping block, but Strand had also lost his captain hat.

The impending closure has caused low morale among the firefighters. But Majan is refusing to give up on her 126 family.

After last night’s episode dropped, 9-1-1 Lone Star showrunner Tim Minear had a chat with TV Insider and he explained why Majan is remaining optimistic.

Marjan Is the Only Firefighter on ‘9-1-1 Lone Star’ Who Hasn’t Given up’ on the 126

As Minear explained, “in the first episode, [Marjan] was under the impression, as was everybody, that Owen just couldn’t get reinstated, and so they kind of lost their captain.” However, the truth soon came out that Owen actually could have returned to his job.

To be reinstated, the former captain only needed to apologize to the new fire chief. But instead, Owen Strand walked away from his team and career “because of his ego, because of his pride.”

So now, Marjan has made it her mission to keep the 126 crew together and save their firehouse. And judging by the rest of Tim Minear’s response, it sounds like the firefighters share a bond that’s strong enough to weather the storm.

“As an analogy,” Minear further explained, “think of at the end of high school or something. You promise to always stay in touch with the people that you feel are the closest to you. Now, these people are absolutely family and we’re just coming into a moment where their own personal lives or the things that are going on with them have kind of taken their attention and as time goes on, causes start to feel hopeless.”

In the upcoming episodes, Marjan will serve as the team’s ‘one true who doesn’t give up the ghost.”

“[She’s] who is the one thin reed keeping everything hanging together,” he added. “I just think it’s real. I think it’s real that your wife is pregnant, you’re painting your nursery. You have your life to live and you can’t always be out there, fighting for your cause, even though you should be.”

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