‘9-1-1’ Is Saying Goodbye to Another Character After Losing Maddie

by Megan Molseed

As the fifth season of 9-1-1 continues this fall, fans have seen some big changes in the popular series.

Throughout the popular FOX drama’s most recent season, fans have seen some major players take on new positions and even said goodbye to some favorite players, notably Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Maddie, who has taken off due to her suffering from postpartum depression.

Now, fans are saying goodbye to another major 9-1-1 character. This, of course, comes in the wake of the November 15 episode Defend In Place.

As the most recent 9-1-1 season five episode came to a close, fans learned that Rockmond Dunbar’s Michael was moving from LA; with his brand new fiance, David.

‘9-1-1’ Says Goodbye To Another Star

In the Monday, November 15 9-1-1 episode, Rockmond Dunbar’s Michael learns his neurosurgeon boyfriend David plans to move to Haiti.

The surgeon wants to help those in need. And, Michael was one of David’s inspirations for this movie.

Of course, Michael is not thrilled to learn that the man he’s in love with will be taking off for Haiti for months. The distance is worrisome for the longtime 9-1-1 player.

As is the fact that David will be spending his time serving those in need within a dangerous location.

So, Michael decides he is going to propose.

A Harrowing Moment Leads To Heartfelt Engagement

Anyone who has ever seen 9-1-1 knows that the best-laid plans almost never go off without a hitch on the hit series.

And, Michael’s plan – and David’s safety – are soon put into danger when an explosion destroys the hospital in which David is performing an incredibly risky surgery.

David refuses to leave the location until he has finished the procedure.

Bobby Nash (Peter Krause) however, fills David in on Michael’s plan as he tries to talk the surgeon into moving to a safer area.

David makes it out of the burning hospital alive and well. He then says ‘yes’ to Michael’s proposal – before he can even ask.

However, this happy news was short-lived for 9-1-1 fans and characters when Michael announces while he and David are staying together, he will be following David to Haiti.

While David’s travels to Haiti were said to only last a few months, Michael’s goodbye on the series seemed much more final than that.

The goodbyes were incredibly emotional. Things got extra sad as the showrunners dropped in a few Michael flashbacks to tug at the viewer’s heartstrings a little more.

Now, FOX’s 9-1-1’s winter hiatus is fast-approaching.

The 9-1-1’s fall finale is set to premiere in December. And, of course, Michael does have quite a few strong ties to the 9-1-1 crew in LA.

Maybe when the show returns in the fall we might see Michael and David return from their time in Haiti? Whatever the case, it was a wonderful goodbye. Plus, knowing Michael could return to the series certainly makes the goodbye a little less painful for many fans.