‘9-1-1’ Never Stops Even at the ‘Most Wonderful Time of the Year’ in New Trailer

by Suzanne Halliburton

Your favorite first responders on 9-1-1 never take a break, even during the holidays. And the show highlighted this theme in its newest tease for next week’s episode.

The show will feature an elevator rescue. But since we’re talking 9-1-1 and its zany rescues, it can’t be something simple like an elevator stuck between floors. Instead, a woman is sprawled on top of the elevator.

And the tease continued with its twists of the ordinary. We know the traffic in Los Angeles leads to gnarly traffic jams, which sets off road rage. How about trolley rage?

Then Eddie (Ryan Guzman) sums up the 9-1-1 plight, as Bobby (Peter Krause) grimaces:

“So much for the most wonderful time of the year,” Eddie quipped.

Check out the 20-second tease for more 9-1-1 clues. Sad face, it’s the 9-1-1 winter finale, so fans will have to go another month after that for their rescue fix.

Monday’s Episode Gave 9-1-1 Fans Some Rescues with a Helping of Romance

Did you catch Monday’s new 9-1-1 episode called Past is Prologue? It had a decided romantic theme to it. As per usual, the rescue was an odd one. The team needed to save two women who had no idea they drove over an old oil well until it started flowing again.

Then another 9-1-1 rescue uncovered an old romance between Hen’s mother and another man. The team took care of Clive, who accidentally electrocuted himself as he tried to charge his car’s battery. Clive recognized Hen’s name and asked about her mother, Toni.

Hen then asks her mother about Clive. Toni told her the two were supposed to run away together in 1978. Yet Toni stood him up. They hadn’t seen each other since then. Toni called Clive and the two meet like they were supposed to so many years ago.

Crime of Week Involved an Old Casino Robbery

The 9-1-1 crime of the week involved an old casino robbery. The theft happened in the 1980s. But a man tried to cash one of the chips stolen decades before. Turns out, the chip belonged to the man’s uncle. Toni, Hen’s mom, used to be a dealer at the casino and she speculated that the robbery looked to be an inside job.

Toni was right. With Bobby’s help, Athena figured out that the current general manager, who was a black jack dealer back in the day, was in on the robbery. Earlier in the episode, Bobby and Athena were enjoying some sexy alone time. They dressed in each other’s uniforms. Then May walked in on them to spoil the mood between her mother and step dad.

The other romantic theme involved Buck and girlfriend, Taylor, the TV reporter. Taylor admitted to Buck that her father was in prison for murdering her mother. The death was first ruled a suicide, but then the case was reopened and Taylor’s father, a doctor, was convicted.

Taylor’s dad was up for parole and she was going to the prison in Oklahoma to testify on her dad’s behalf. She told Buck not to show up. But he did so anyway. And with that gesture, they each said “I love you” to the other for the first time.

So check out the 9-1-1 winter finale. It’s called Wrapped in Red.