‘9-1-1’: Oliver Stark Broke Down Buck’s Weirdness Over Maddie and Chimney’s Relationship

by Suzanne Halliburton

Fans of 9-1-1, you know to forgive Buck if he’s a bit too possessive over Maddie. That’s his big sister, after all.

Maddie (Jennifer Love Hewitt) moved to Los Angeles and started working as a 9-1-1 dispatcher, in part, because of Buck (Oliver Stark). When she became involved with Chimney (Kenneth Choi), it was a natural reaction to want to protect his big sister.

“It’s his sister and his best friend,” Starkey said in a 2020 interview with AssignmentX. “I think that’s a pretty natural reaction. I think he’s coming around to it, slowly but surely. Obviously, his sister’s been through a rough time, and I think he knows that Chimney is a good guy, so he’s moving in the right direction.”

Plus, here’s the main reason why he’s so protective on 9-1-1. Maddie’s first husband used to beat her. She wouldn’t leave him until finally it got too dangerous to stay. She left for Los Angeles and moved in with her brother. But still, her ex found her, coincidentally, when she was on her first date with Chimney.

But Maddie has more problems these days. She is suffering from post-partum depression and has disappeared.

Late last season, Maddie gave birth to baby girl, Jee-Yun. And in an episode last month, Maddie took her daughter to station 118. Then she left.

On 9-1-1, Maddie Left Daughter at Firehouse with Chimney

Chimney is told Jee-Yun is there. But he doesn’t find out about Maddie until he finds her video message.

“I’m sure that you are confused, hurt, and probably really scared,” Maddie told Chimney. “I don’t know what to say. You don’t need to go to the police or come looking for me. I’m not in any danger and no one is making me do this. But Jee is not safe with me. Not now, and maybe — I know that you’re going to take really good care of her. And she’s better off without me. I love you. I love both of you, and I’m really sorry.”

In reality, Jennifer Love Hewitt is on maternity leave from 9-1-1. She gave birth to her third child last month, two weeks before the season five premiere.

Last Monday’s 9-1-1 episode was intense, as Chimney tried to figure out why Maddie abandoned them. He learns that Buck knew Maddie was having issues and didn’t tell him for a week. Buck thought he knew his sister best. But he doesn’t anymore. Chimney punched Buck in the face. Chimney even thinks Doug, Maddie’s abusive ex, may still be alive. Buck has to remind him, no, he’s very much dead.

As 9-1-1 ended, Chimney went off in search of Maddie. He’ll be back when he finds her. Presumably, Buck will help along the way.