‘9-1-1’: Oliver Stark Relates His First Days on Set to Evan Buckley’s First Days

by Kati Michelle
(Photo by FOX via Getty Images)

Sometimes life imitates art. Fans of “The Simpsons” point this out with worldly events all the time, but it can also be true on a smaller scale. It’s like when you’re going for a walk and notice a dog owner with curly hair looks just like their poodle or a person at the art museum looks just like the painting they’re standing next to. Sometimes, the stars just align that way. And, apparently, that can be said for “9-1-1” star Oliver Stark as well.

Fans can’t think of a better man to play Evan Buckley than Oliver Stark. It’s the compassion, confidence, and drive mixed with a little impulsivity every now and then. But even Prince Charming has his off days. In a past interview with Brief Take, Oliver Stark adorably related his first days on set to his character Evan Buckley’s first few days at the fire station.

Oliver Stark Talks About Being a Rookie On the ‘9-1-1’ Set

If any of you ever moved schools as a kid, you know the first day can be especially intimidating. And they do say that first impressions are everything, after all. Oliver Stark remembers joining the “9-1-1” cast as a fan of the show himself and how he felt some of those same trepidations. He told Brief Take:

“I was coming in as the new one into the cast. The actors have been in a lot of incredible things and I was a huge fan coming in. So a bit like Buck stepping into the firehouse for the first time and being the rookie, that’s kind of what I was to this cast. There has been a mirroring that has gone on there that has been lovely to grow together, myself and Buck at the same time.”

But, of course, neither Oliver Stark nor Buck is the same person they used to be with the fifth season.

How They’ve Both Changed Over the Years

Ultimately, Oliver Stark says that the Buck character has helped him immensely with building confidence. It’s that whole “fake it till you make it” adage that they toss around. He also says it’s been sort of a coming-of-age journey.

“When I think about where the character was on the pilot episode, compared to who he is now, there’s been a real transition there into an adult. More than anything, he was still acting like a child, whereas now he’s someone who understands responsibility. And I never knew, when I first got this job, what the part would turn into, I really didn’t know anything, to be honest. So to have him go on this journey has been really fulfilling to me as an actor.”

The new episode drops Monday after a brief hiatus.