‘9-1-1’ Star Peter Krause Believes First Responders ‘Tend to Compartmentalize’ Their Lives

by Madison Miller
Photo by: FOX via Getty Images

Peter Krause currently stars as Bobby Nash in the popular drama called “9-1-1.” His character is the LAFD Station 118 captain and his wife is Athena Grant-Nash, the LAPD Patrol Sergeant.

He has been with the series since it first aired back in January 2018. Since starting the role, Peter Krause seems to have garnered a better understanding of life as a first responder.

Peter Krause Talks About First Responders on ‘9-1-1’

Krause himself must compartmentalize the different parts of his own life. This includes his TV acting career to his personal life alongside fellow actor Lauren Graham from “Gilmore Girls.”

He says this isn’t too far off from life as a first responder.

“As first responders, they tend to compartmentalize their lives anyway, but that whole ‘keep calm and carry on’ attitude that they have gets challenged during this period of time,” Krause said during an interview with TV Line from May 2021.

At the time, “9-1-1” had a few relationships in emergency mode. Bobby and Athena were going through serious relationship issues. It all started when she discovered he was sponsoring the woman responsible for a massive pile-up. Krause said that the pandemic challenged these two characters.

It all has to do with the complicated backstories of both Bobby and Athena. Bobby is an addict that is just trying to help another addict. “Anger comes from hurt. If you’ve been a loyal viewer of the show, you know that for a long time Bobby felt like he didn’t deserve to be loved,” Krause explains of the serious fight that happened at the time.

Since then, the entire cast of “9-1-1” has gone through some tough times, professionally and personally. The winter finale of the show will be called “Wrapped In Red” in which “the members of the 118 are called to series of emergencies around Christmas Eve.”

Kenneth Choi Journey to ‘9-1-1’

For Kenneth Choi, who stars as fan-favorite Howie Han on “9-1-1,” he had quite the journey to appear on the hit drama. He knew from a young age that his dream was to be an actor. Sadly, his family did not approve of him pursuing a career in Hollywood.

Choi first went to college at Purdue University to pursue becoming an accountant. He quickly realized he was miserable doing so and dropped out of school and moved away.

“[I] Didn’t tell my parents, I didn’t tell my brothers, I didn’t tell any relatives, I didn’t tell any of my close friends that they knew. The entire time I was in Portland, which was the five years, I had absolutely no contact with any of my family,” Choi said to NPR.

His career blossomed from there. He had popular roles in movies like “The Wolf of Wall Street,” “Captain America: The First Avenger” and “Spider-Man: Homecoming.”