‘9-1-1’ Promises a Christmas Night of Carnage in Upcoming Episode

by Lauren Boisvert

“9-1-1” is preparing for its winter finale, titled “Wrapped in Red,” which gives off bloody, Christmasy vibes in equal measure. So what are we dealing with in the new episode, airing Monday, Dec. 6?

In a promo for the episode, a woman is first seen falling into an open elevator. Someone calls 911, and tells the dispatcher that “there’s a woman trapped on an elevator, she’s on top of it.” Did someone push her? Did she just trip and fall? What is the elevator doing open on the wrong level in the first place?

Second, we overlook a holiday village, where it appears as if someone is thrown or falls in front of a trolley. They’re hit, and the paramedics rush to the scene. Again, what’s causing these people to fall into these dangerous situations? Is it purely an accident, or something more sinister?

As for the fact that it’s the last episode for a while, there’s probably going to be something big happening. “9-1-1: Lone Star” will take “9-1-1″‘s place on the air while the show goes on its winter break. We’re hoping for a big cliffhanger to bring us all back in the new year. Maybe Maddie and Chimney’s return, along with their daughter. After suffering post-partum depression, and leaving their daughter at the firehouse and disappearing, Chimney also left Los Angeles to find Maddie.

The two haven’t been seen since, and fans are worried they may never come back. Executive producer Tim Minear has said that Maddie’s story will cause a lot of conflict in season 5; it’s likely she’s part of a bigger arc and will return. According to season 5 episode 5, Buck realized where Maddie is. However, the show hasn’t progressed that storyline forward.

‘9-1-1’: Why Angela Bassett Feels the Show is ‘Unlike Any Other’

Fans love “9-1-1” for its thrilling emergencies and complicated character relationships, and star Angela Bassett loves it for that, too.

She told Deadline, “It definitely has the, ‘Let’s solve the crime, the emergency of the hour,’ but multiply that by four. But I think also that these people who seem to have it going on, they have these complex personalities and lives where they don’t have it going on.”

The characters on “9-1-1” are complex and real, and Bassett acknowledges that in her comments. “If you’re on the outside looking at others, just glimpsing their humanity,” she said, “we think, ‘They have it together, and I wish I did.’ But you can really relate when you see that there’s some times when they misstep, or misunderstand, or are just rejected. It’s very reflective of what goes on in life, and there’s that quirky tone that, I think, [Ryan] Murphy and [Brad] Falchuk bring to it. But that’s life.”