‘9-1-1’ Proves No One Puts Bobby in a Corner in Sneak Peek

by Joe Rutland

If Outsiders have never tuned into “9-1-1” and you do it Monday night, then take notes when Robert “Bobby” Nash is around.

Nash, played by Peter Krause, isn’t in a welcoming mood, though. Check out this photo ahead of Monday night’s new episode on Fox.

Nash is a captain in the Los Angeles Fire Department. On “9-1-1,” he’s married to Los Angeles Police Department patrol sergeant Athena Grant-Nash. Angela Bassett stars in that role.

Other cast members include Oliver Stark, Aisha Hinds, Kenneth Choi, and Rockmond Dunbar.

“9-1-1” will have its new episode appearing on Monday night. Tune into your Fox station at 8 p.m. Eastern, 7 p.m. Central, and see why Bobby is all worked up.

And you might be wondering how the show is doing in the ratings this season. Last Monday, the Nielsen numbers were improved from the show’s fifth-season opener.

“9-1-1” saw a jump in total viewers and ratings among adults. Total viewers hit 5.45 million and its ratings hit 0.85. In its first week, the first responder drama had 5.08 million viewers and pulled a 0.76 Nielsen mark.

Things Get Complicated For Athena As ‘9-1-1’ Rolls Along Into New Episode

There’s no doubt that having an actress like Angela Bassett on board helps “9-1-1” in many ways.

She’s a veteran actress who can definitely turn a storyline on its head.

Well, her Athena character is definitely going through some things.

In its second episode this season, she learns some news about serial rapist Jeffrey Hudson. This is a spin from the show’s season premiere.

Characters faced a citywide blackout in Los Angeles that was caused by a cyberterrorist. Hudson was able to escape prison during this event. But Lou shows up at the rapist’s attorney’s house in order to keep her safe. Hudson is there, though, and they arrested him.

Athena Discovers Hudson Escaped From Prison And Business Picks Up

But we also see the rapist’s attorney slashing Lou’s throat.

When Athena and Maynard discover that Hudson has escaped, it definitely stirred up a mess of trouble.

But if you think it’s all over for Athena, then showrunner Tim Minnear says, “Hold my beer.”

Minnear discussed her situation on “9-1-1” with TV Insider.

“[The situation] becomes very, very personal for [Athena] by Episode 3,” he said. (That’s Monday’s episode). “That nightmare that she has, as you say, in the first episode, really starts to come true in the next two episodes, and that it is very personal for both of them.

“Here’s a woman who was unapologetic about bringing him down and he has a real issue with women, to put it mildly,” Minnear said about the Hudson character. He adds that Hudson starts fixating on Athena and, well, that becomes a slippery slope.