‘9-1-1’ Proves You Shouldn’t Get in Bobby’s Way in New Video

by Megan Molseed

A recent tweet added to the 9-1-1 on FOX Twitter page proves to us that you never get in the way of 9-1-1 Fire Chief Bobby Nash and the emergency he needs to be tending to. Especially if he has just been given some devastating news.

“You do not want to get in Cap’s way,” said the Wednesday morning 9-1-1 on FOX Twitter page.

The scene, which 9-1-1 fans saw during last week’s episode, “Desperate Measures” features New York City Fire Chief Bobby Nash and his team after they receive a call that a man has been shot.

Of course, by now, we know that Bobby’s stepson, Harry, has been kidnapped.

Always A First-Responder

Bobby is obviously devastated by this news, however, the dedicated first-responder knows that he is still needed on the street. And he responds to the call.

As Bobby and the other first responders arrive at the scene of the shooting, they find that the injury occurred within an autonomous cop-free zone.

Those guarding the area with barricades were not going to let the first responders in to help the injured man.

When Bobby arrives, however, he has had enough.

“Why is everyone just standing there,” Bobby Nash asks as he approaches the scene.

According to the responding officers, the 9-1-1 team is not allowed past the barricade because of “some stupid rules.”

This doesn’t sit well with Bobby, who has a few things to say about the situation.

“Since when do anarchists have rules,” the officer asks those blocking the entrance.

Bobby then grabs an ax and kicks down a barricade.

“There’s no rules here,” the first responder says as he enters the area in search of the injured man.

One of the people inside the barricaded area approaches Nash while armed, telling the first responder that he’s “not supposed to be here.”

Nash won’t have any of this as he holds up his ax and says “I’m not supposed to crack your skull open with this either, where’s the injured guy.”

How To Get Things Done On ‘9-1-1’

Nash’s approach, while intense, did get the 9-1-1 team to the victim and they were able to help. The teammates, however, were concerned about Bobby Nash’s intense response to the situation.

“That was awesome Cap, just not having it tonight, uh?” one 9-1-1 responder asks Nash as he watches the victim be loaded onto a stretcher.

“Everything okay?” asks Hen Wilson (Aisha Hinds.)

It is at this point that Nash decides to reveal to his squad what has been happening in his and wife Athena’s life. And the dire circumstances they are facing as Athena’s son, Harry is still missing.

“Harry’s been kidnapped,” the Fire Chief says as he walks away. Leaving his team in shock. Of course, as the episode continues, Athena is able to successfully corner the kidnapper. However, before the kidnapper reveals Harry’s location, Athena shoots him dead on the spot when he threatens Bobby’s life.

Thankfully, Harry is eventually rescued, no longer living in fear of the man who took him.