‘9-1-1’ Actor Ryan Guzman Didn’t Realize How Big Show Was Until After He Was Cast

by Kati Michelle

“9-1-1” queen Angela Bassett recently opened up about working on the hit Fox drama saying it’s unlike any other procedural on TV. She highlights the complex characters to back up that hefty claim. Actor Ryan Guzman plays one of these roles joining the cast as Eddie Diaz ahead of the second season premiere. Guzman brings a load of depth to the “9-1-1” universe through his character’s “dark past” and struggles as a father.

Although he has quickly risen as a fan favorite, Guzman apparently didn’t realize how big the show actually was until after he was already cast on the project. A past interview with the star breaks that down.

Before ‘9-1-1’ Ryan Guzman Actually ‘Tried to Stay Away from TV’

Talking to Anthem Magazine in the past, Ryan Guzman opened up about finding his way to the show. The interviewer recounted how his Oliver Stark co-star actually auditioned for the show without ever knowing what he was going up for because the Fox network was so secretive at the time. They wanted to know if Guzman had a similar experience.

“I was actually on my way to doing another film,” the star revealed. “I had just previously done maybe two or three auditions for television, and I usually try to stay away from TV. But I auditioned for this one TV show where I wasn’t really connecting with the people creating it and putting it on.”

Despite that though, the star felt good about the audition. And a few months down the line, fate rang him up on the phone. Apparently, someone at Fox remembered Guzman from the audition and wanted him to join one of their other projects. You guessed it: “9-1-1.”

“Honestly, I didn’t know how big 9-1-1 was at the time because I don’t watch too much TV,” Guzman recalled. “But as soon as I did my research and after talking to quite a few people in my family—I told them I got this show called 9-1-1 and they went crazy—I realized that it’s a phenomenon. I’m very, very lucky that, apart from being on the show, the people I work with are incredible, from Angela Bassett to Peter Krause, from Aisha Hinds to Oliver Stark, and Kenneth Choi. The list goes on and on. They’re all people that I truly love and it shows on the show.”

What to Expect From Tomorrow’s Episode

A new episode of “9-1-1” drops tomorrow, December 6th. It’s not just any old episode, though. “Wrapped in Red” marks the winter finale of the show before it goes on hiatus. The dramatic promo promises Christmas and Carnage. You can watch the video and get a recap here to get prepared.