‘9-1-1’: How Ryan Guzman Feels About Eddie and Buck’s ‘Bromance’

by Suzanne Halliburton
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

Given the final scene of the 9-1-1 winter finale Monday night, we’re hoping Ryan Guzman sticks with the series if only for more bro scenes with Eddie and Buck.

To catch you up on the 9-1-1 happenings, Guzman’s Eddie told the 118 crew that he plans on leaving. Son Christopher is having a tough time with Eddie’s dangerous job. Christopher, who is only 10, lost his mother in a traffic accident. And dad Eddie is a fireman. Son told the father: “You’re going to be dead next year.”

Rather than a cast change, this might be a 9-1-1 head fake. TV Insider reported that Guzman isn’t leaving the show. It remains to be seen what Eddie will do to pay the bills once the series returns this spring. Who knows, maybe his buddies like Buck and Hen will talk him out of his decision before 9-1-1 even returns to the air.

And we want Guzman to stick with 9-1-1 because he embraces the bromance Eddie and Buck (Oliver Stark) have with each other. Guzman even talked about the friendship the two characters share in an interview two years ago after he joined the cast. Stark’s Buck also is a major part of the show. He’s an ace firefighter. And his sister, Maddie (Jennifer Love Hewitt) also is a dispatcher. She’s married to Chimney, a 118 paramedic.

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Are 9-1-1 Fans Comfortable with Buck-Eddie Bro Dynamic?

Guzman told Anthem Magazine that he wonders if there are some who are uncomfortable accepting the two men having emotional ties to each other.

“But that’s what true bromance is,” the 9-1-1 star told the magazine. “The bromance that I see in Eddie and Buck is like an older brother/younger brother relationship. Other people might associate their relationship with something else. Oliver and I definitely have fun with that.

“We definitely enjoy all the posts that fans give us on social media—it’s pretty amazing,” Guzman said. “We share those all the time, actually. That being said, again, I think having two men being in tune with each other is pretty rare to see because, even though a lot people want to see it, they’re afraid to ask for it or venture out.

“But now the culture has changed and we’re more accepting of it, I guess. I like the dynamic between Buck and Eddie. I actually started to realize as I was filming that there’s this dynamic between (Bobby) Peter Krause’s character … and Eddie, and between Buck and Bobby, as well.”

Guzman again mentioned Eddie and Buck’s relationship with Bobby. 9-1-1 fans know that Bobby is the captain of the118. Bobby also happens to be married to Athena (Angela Bassett). And Athena is an LAPD officer and the mother of May, one of the dispatchers.

“Speaking as Eddie, there’s this father/son thing going on between them so Bobby is more someone that they can really trust and rely on. There are a lot of qualities in this show that make you realize the bromance is ingrained in it already. I think the fans and whoever else watches this show lean more so on Buck and Eddie because they’re the younger guys and they cancel out the stigma.”