‘9-1-1’: Ryan Guzman Explained Why He Had to Learn to Act ‘on the Run’

by Chase Thomas

Everyone has their own origin story. It is a part of life. Nobody gets to where they want to be in the same form or fashion. Actors are no different. 9-1-1 star Ryan Guzman recently explained why he had to learn to act “on the run.”

He didn’t start his acting career at a young age or spend years studying the craft. He told Anthem Magazine, “My first acting job was Step Up Revolution. I kind of had to learn on the run, and then as I was doing it, I started to feel in tune with something that I’d never felt in tune with before in my life, which were emotions. As men in certain areas of the world, we decide that we have to hide our emotions for the betterment of whatever job we’re doing because emotions get in the way. This job made me tango with and tackle them at the same time.”

It was a different kind of role to be thrown into the fire like that. Guzman was put in a situation where he had to learn on the job. He really opens up here, too, about how this first role really made him dig deep and address some emotions that he may not have expected to.

Ryan Guzman’s Acting Perspective

He continued, “As I was doing that, I started to learn more about myself and become more introspective than I’d ever been before. To me, acting isn’t so much about “Can I get that next role? Can I get bigger? Can I make more money?” None of that means anything to me. I’m more so in it for “What can I learn about myself?” For instance, there was a scene that I did not too long ago where somebody passes and I got to revisit a certain point in my life that I had been so afraid to even touch upon.”

He is not into glamour, fame, and money. Guzman sees acting as an opportunity to do some self-introspection. It’s a different kind of thing for him. He wants to expand on these roles’ emotional impact on him as an actor.

He concludes, “As I was doing it, I felt release. It was kind of my own little therapy. I learned something about myself yet again, so these are opportunities. I’m not here to be the hunky guy on TV or to be the guy that always takes his shirt off to get money or fame. I’m here just to grow. That’s the sole purpose in anything I do—to grow.”

Acting is therapy for Guzman. He just wants “to grow” as an actor and a person. You can watch Ryan Guzman every week on 9-1-1 on FOX.