‘9-1-1’: Ryan Guzman Opened Up on Eddie Diaz’s Struggle as a Father

by Chase Thomas

Since bursting onto the scene in season 2 on 9-1-1 Eddie Diaz has become one of the more intriguing and interesting figures on the program.

Ryan Guzman, who plays the role of Eddie opened up about the character and who he is as a father with The Wrap.

Guzman said, “He had to deal with issues between him and his wife and understand that his mother and father think that they know best for his son and through that the only thing that he had to rely on was Christopher.” Eddie is in a complicated position on the program, and it played out over the course of the latest season with his girlfriend who was also his son’s teacher. Compound that with the panic attacks Eddie was experiencing about their future and it ended perhaps as you have expected it would, unfortunately.

Guzman continued, “And he had to find his own way with Christopher, from being disconnected in the beginning while holding him and trying to figure out what he actually needs, to later on having a conversation with him on the porch and really just shedding true light on how he feels about his son. You see the evolution of the kind of love he has for his child. And it kind of emotes that same arc through the existence of the character Eddie. Whether he’s gone through the earthquake, or the tsunami or whatever, it’s always the thought of, ‘Where is Christopher? I need to find Christopher. Is Christopher safe? I have to have Christopher in my life.’”

Everything comes back to his son Christopher.

Future of Eddie on ‘9-1-1’

As we’ve seen Eddie evolve, it is a reminder that Christopher is everything to him. The character goes through all sorts of trials and tribulations in his line of work, but the character is focused on his son Christopher at all times. That is his biggest priority. This was always going to make his love life difficult, to balance his job, his son, and that special person.

Eddie isn’t going anywhere as a major character, even after the breakup. However, fans are wondering where his story arc goes next. What will be the main focus of his storyline now that he is a single father once again? Will the next season focus on his mental health after making such a difficult decision with Ana on the program? Eddie has gone through a lot as a veteran. Throw in being a widow and even as a victim of a shooting when he was working as a first responder.

The character of Eddie on 9-1-1 is a complicated one. However, it is one that fans are invested in seeing where Guzman takes this character next. Fans are drawn to his journey. He is an easy character to root for. Especially now that he is a single father once again heading into the next season of 9-1-1.