‘9-1-1’: Ryan Guzman Revealed Where Show’s Writers Get Their Stories From

by Courtney Blackann
(Photo by FOX via Getty Images)

With a collision of talent from creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, it’s no wonder that “9-1-1” is an innovative drama series. The show not only takes this drama and adds a complex character plot line to move its story forward, the stories often mimic real life. This is what actor Ryan Guzman says.

In a recent interview, the “9-1-1” star opened up about how some of the writers use real life to inspire the events that unfold on the show. It’s not uncommon to draw from real life in many television series, after all. However, the unique experiences of first responders is something the writers also want to be careful with. But they also dig into hot political and cultural topics to create spicy storylines.

Speaking to Anthem Magazine, Guzman shared some facts he learned about the show’s written process.

Ryan Guzman on Real Life Inspiration

“Yeah, there are quite a few things on the show that kind of emulates real life. To be honest, a lot of the stories are taken from real life. The producers and writers have gone on the record and said, “We get our stuff from either Miami or China—headlines from all around the world—and base them in L.A.” The fact that we touched on Harvey Weinstein in the earthquake episodes was just serendipitous, I guess.”

The “9-1-1” actor goes on to say that:

“Again, it’s just another aspect of the show that I love. We tackle all these issues and try to highlight them as much as we can without being overbearing. With the Harvey Weinstein scandal and the #MeToo movement and everything, I’m glad we got to show this sleazeball character abusing his power with a smile on his face, which is really off-putting because that happens on a day-to-day basis. It’s never this obvious, evil villain that you see out there committing heinous acts. It’s usually the guy that’s smiling the most, making you feel the most comfortable, and they manipulate you a little bit.”

‘9-1-1’ Actor Ryan Guzman Helped Create Character’s Past

Just like the writers draw inspiration for the show from real life, actor Ryan Guzman got to help create his character’s dark and complex past. The process was fun for him and he spoke about it recently in an interview with The Wrap.

“We dove into Eddie’s MMA career and his anger issues and what he hasn’t really revolved with his deceased wife,” Guzman said.

He also said that, “I had so many ideas and I wanted to dive deep into a dark history of Eddie and really understand why he’s so closed off and why he doesn’t really speak his mind too much. And they gave me the proper time to do that with this episode…So everything in ‘Eddie Begins’ is more so a battle of him trying to overcome everything that is telling him to go one way, while he knows he needs to be going another.”