‘9-1-1’ Sneak Peek Shows Buck and Eddie in Dire Straits in New Episode

by Anna Dunn

A new 9-1-1 sneak peak shows Buck and Eddie in danger in the upcoming episode. The episode, which airs tonight, will put the two at extreme risk when they get held hostage by an escaped prisoner in their ambulance after the team fights a fire in a prison.

The episode, called Brawl in Cell Block 9-1-1, sees Captain Bobby Nash and the rest of the 118 responding to the fire in a prison. The fight is made difficult as they are caught amidst a brawl. In the new clip, we can see Hen giving Dr. Cochran a summary of the various injuries one inmate has faced in the riot and fire. The inmate is suffering from a stab wound to the stomach and was suffering convulsions and blood loss.

They soon realize, however, that the “prisoner” is actually a guard, and the real prisoner is taking that fated ambulance ride with 9-1-1 fans favorite paramedics, Buck and Eddie. Things aren’t looking good for the two, and while they try to warn the first responders, it’s too late and they get a gun pulled on them.

According to TV Line, Mark Pelligrino, known for his work on Supernatural, will guest star.

Episodes of 9-1-1 premiere every Monday night on Fox at 8/7 Central.

Why Kenneth Choi Wasn’t in a Recent Episode of ‘9-1-1’

Fans absolutely love Chimney, but actor Kenneth Choi recently wasn’t on the show. Chimney has gone through a ton this season with Maddie Buckley, his girlfriend and mother of his child, skipping town and leaving their child behind.

Apparently Chimney was out looking for Maddie and that search took him to Utah. The characters contemplate whether or not he’ll find her.

Thankfully for 9-1-1 fans, this is unlikely the end of Maddie on the show. Maddie actress Jennifer Love Hewitt recently gave birth to her third child. Maddie’s exit from the series is likely temporary and will allow Hewitt to go on maternity leave. Now, fans are hoping to see more of Kenneth Choi’s chimney in the meantime.

Even with Maddie gone, Chimney is still a new father, and Kenneth Choi explained how he think he’ll adapt to the challenge.

“It seems Chimney has a knack for getting in his own way. He’s a bit neurotic. He always has the best intention because he has a pure, kind heart. But will best intentions be enough? I’m sure being a parent will present its own challenges,” he said in a TV Insider interview.

Now, with Maddie’s brother in danger in the most recent episode, it looks like both of their futures remains in question. Hopefully the danger Buck gets put in will get back to Maddie, and she’ll finally decide to make her way back home.