‘9-1-1’ Star Jennifer Love Hewitt Debuts New Look

by Samantha Whidden

While taking some time off from the set of her hit series 9-1-1, Jennifer Love Hewitt took to her Instagram Stories to share some pics of her new look.

According to Hello! Magazine, The 9-1-1 star has decided to chop off her long hair and dyed it the color blue. She showed off her look as she was driving in her car and singing along to one of her favorite songs, I Love You Always Forever by Donna Lewis. 

The media outlet also revealed that the 9-1-1 star is currently on maternity leave after welcoming her third child, Aidan. The show’s creators decided that her character Maddie would depart from Los Angeles at the beginning of season 5 as she tries to navigate through her struggles with postpartum depression.

As previously reported, the 9-1-1 character was unable to cope with her struggles anymore. She left her baby Jee-Yun at a firehouse. She also reveals in a video that the child is just not safe with her right now. Her boyfriend Chimney (played by  Kenneth Choi), is now trying to find out where she went.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Opens Up About Her  ‘9-1-1’ Character

During a 2018 interview with ELLE magazine, Jennifer Love Hewitt shared more details about her 9-1-1 character, Maddie. “Maddie has a toughness to her. But she’s also empathetic and sensitive. People will see her composed on the phone. But fully dealing with the pain and anguish of the callers [once she hangs up].”

9-1-1 showrunner, Tim Minear, also spoke about Love Hewitt’s debut on the show following Connie Britton’s departure. “You can’t replace Connie Britton. What you need is someone who is irreplaceable themselves.”

The 9-1-1 showrunner described Love Hewitt as America’s TV sweetheart. “Audiences love seeing her on their screens. They feel like she’s already part of their family.”

Jennifer Love Hewitt Discusses Her 2.5 Year Break From Acting

Prior to signing on for 9-1-1, Love Hewitt took a two-and-a-half-year hiatus from acting to focus on being a parent and grieve her mother, who passed away in 2012. “We were best friends,” she told ELLE. “[We] are dinner together every night. Had breakfast together every morning.”

The 9-1-1 star also explained that when it came to a one-season arc on Criminal Minds, which overlapped her second pregnancy, she decided to finally take a break. “I was looking in the mirror, talking with myself, going, ‘Hey, we started something, remember? We were gonna take a step back. So let’s do that.”

In regards to what she has learned by being in the filming industry, the 9-1-1 castmate added, “I wish that I could look back and say that all of my 28 years [in the industry] had a depth to them that I don’t think they always did. Because people always focused on very trivial things with me.”