‘9-1-1’ Star Oliver Stark Opens Up About Buck’s Mental Health Struggles

by Kati Michelle

Monday marked the midseason finale of the Fox action-drama series, “9-1-1.” While it answered some of the fan’s burning questions, the “Wrapped in Red” episode ultimately left viewers with an even bigger appetite for the show’s return following this brief hiatus. Two characters remained notably absent from the event, taking the shape of Buck’s sister, Maddie (played by Jennifer Love Hewitt), and her husband, Chimney (played by Kenneth Choi). Though this part of the plot only got a brief mention, we already saw how it started affecting Oliver Stark’s Buck character.

Buck felt neither holly nor jolly, despite being surrounded by all the festivities. According to Oliver Stark, the show’s return in the spring won’t exactly promise smooth sailing for the character either. A new interview with Hello Magazine breaks down that journey and gives us an inside look.

Oliver Stark Says He and the Rest of the Cast Grew to Trust the Writers

Like the whole of the One Chicago franchise, “9-1-1” aims to tell stories that don’t often get told. They tackle difficult topics like postpartum depression and childhood trauma while also making it a point to prioritize inclusion. That’s what Angela Bassett thinks sets them apart from any other procedural on TV.

One of the most significant pieces of Buck’s character arc that we’ve seen involved him finally seeking out therapy in season four. Fans thought they were going to see him finally begin processing years of repressed memories. Instead, fans were bummed to see the show pretty much drop the storyline.

But, apparently, the stars of “9-1-1” are right there with the fans. Oliver Stark told Hello Magazine that the cast regularly discusses old plotlines to try to inform their acting methods. However, at a certain point, they just need to “give ourselves over to the writers” and “trust” it will all work out.

What’s In Store For His ‘9-1-1’ Character

Kacey Musgraves said it best with her “justified” lyrics. Healing doesn’t happen in a straight line.

And that’s also exactly how Oliver Stark describes the path that his Buck character finds himself on.

“We haven’t heard of [his therapy] this year but that doesn’t mean it’s not ongoing – it’s important to remember that therapy is fluid so it may turn into monthly or every two months,” he said.

“So [Buck] is still going through issues he has to work out – and yes I take it into consideration [as an actor] – but just because he’s in therapy doesn’t mean he’s always moving in the right direction.”

“We think we are on the right path and something comes up and sends us back two steps. So it is ongoing but I don’t know how much of an everyday difference it is making as of yet.”