‘9-1-1’ Star Oliver Stark Teases Buck and Eddie May Be at Odds in Upcoming Episodes

by Jacklyn Krol
Fox, Getty Images

Will the future 9-1-1 season see tension between Buck and Eddie?

In a new interview with Hello Magazine, actor Oliver Stark teased that Buck and Eddie will be at odds. You’ll recall during the Season 5 winter finale, Eddie turned in his notice to the team. He wanted to leave his job for his son, who is scared to lose another parent. His decision will affect not only his blood family, but his 118 firehouse family. Stark said that his character will be struggling with his partner’s loss.

“I think it creates conflict for his character, where it’s a good thing [for Eddie and Christopher] but is it the right choice?” he explained. “I think one of the main things we get to see in [5B] is that Buck has a block when it comes to understanding why Eddie would want to do it long term. It comes from a place of wanting his partner by his side. Buck will struggle, and won’t completely understand – but he will have to get used to it.”

A Departure?

9-1-1 fans don’t have to worry, in real life, Ryan Guzman [Eddie Diaz] is not leaving the show. You’ll recall that fans previously speculated about Guzman’s future on the series after season 4 where he was shot. Would he survive? Things seemed touch and go but fans were delighted that he survived.

“The first question was ‘Ryan, are you leaving?’ and he said, ‘I don’t know!'” Stark joked.

Stark believes that the time away will give Eddie ample time to deal with his traumas and is “a good thing” for Eddie. Although we don’t know how the storyline will play out, he confirmed that there is no massive time jump involved.

The upcoming 2022 season return will feature “one of the biggest action set pieces we’ve done in a long time”. Stark said that it will be “a real big edge of the seat moment.”

The ‘9-1-1’ Bromance

One of the best relationships in 9-1-1 is Buck and Eddie’s bromance. Ryan Guzman shared that he is curious if people are uncomfortable accepting that the two guys have a strong connection to each other.

“But that’s what true bromance is,” Guzman explained to Anthem Magazine. “The bromance that I see in Eddie and Buck is like an older brother/younger brother relationship. Other people might associate their relationship with something else. Oliver and I definitely have fun with that.”

Guzman said that he and Stark see and read all of the social media comments pertaining to their characters’ friendship.

“I think having two men being in tune with each other is pretty rare to see,” he added. “Even though a lot people want to see it, they’re afraid to ask for it or venture out.”