‘9-1-1’ Star Oliver Stark Teases Major Trouble for Buck and Taylor’s Relationship

by Jacklyn Krol

There’s big trouble on the horizon for 9-1-1 characters Buck and Taylor.

In an interview with Hello Magazine, Oliver Stark, who portrays Buck on the hit Fox series revealed that there will be trouble in paradise. While the last several episodes depict Taylor (Megan West) and Buck getting closer and even saying the L-word, things will be going downhill for the new couple.

Stark described it as a “huge wrench” being thrown into their relationship.

“The finale showed him and Taylor ending on a positive note,” he told the outlet. “But by the end of the first episode [of the spring premiere], they will find themselves in a widely different situation with a huge wrench thrown into their plans for happiness.”

Stark noted that 9-1-1 executives like Peter Krause and Angela Bassett, discuss the different storylines and take everything “into consideration”. He said that the actors “give ourselves over to the writers” and “trust” it will come together. One of his character’s storylines is finally seeking help in therapy. While the fans haven’t seen him in counseling recently, he still may be working at it.

“We haven’t heard of [his therapy] this year but that doesn’t mean it’s not ongoing,” he noted. “It’s important to remember that therapy is fluid so it may turn into monthly, or every two months.”

While Buck is seeking mental health counseling, he will be having other problems to work through in the future.

“So [Buck] is still going through issues he has to work out,” he revealed. “And yes I take it into consideration [as an actor] – but just because he’s in therapy doesn’t mean he’s always moving in the right direction. We think we are on the right path and something comes up and sends us back two steps. So it is ongoing but I don’t know how much of an everyday difference it is making as of yet.”

‘9-1-1’ How Angela Bassett Overcame Challenges

In an interview with  Deadline, the 9-1-1 star and executive producer spoke about the challenges she faced over the course of the show. She joked that the polyester uniforms did not stretch or give. But her real challenge was portraying the Grant family’s dynamic. Their storyline depicts unique situations with a husband who is a firefighter, an ex-husband who came out as gay and co-parenting their two children.

“It’s a challenge that I welcome, that I relish, that I really enjoy discovering,” she explained. “Whenever the family or the husband was around, or the relationships—this woman who’s fresh out of a marriage and a mature woman, and now she’s back on the scene. What does she want, and how does she go about getting it? And is love still possible? Is it love that she wants, or is it lust that she needs at this time?”