‘9-1-1’ Star Oliver Stark Teases Scenes Between Buck and Christopher

by Amanda Glover
(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Get ready 9-1-1 fans. British actor Oliver Stark has rewarded fans with upcoming scenes between Evan Buckley and Christopher Diaz.

As lovers of the popular Fox TV show know, Stark plays head-strong firefighter, Evan “Buck” Buckley. Over the past few seasons, Buck has managed to form a close bond with the son of his best friend and fellow firefighter, Eddie Diaz (Ryan Guzman). The show has portrayed Buck and Christopher’s (Gavin McHugh) relationship similar to brothers or father and son. Their friendship has only strengthened after Buck helped rescue Christopher during a massive hurricane in the episode ‘Sink or Swim.’ Which is one of the reasons why Christopher continues to see him as a hero. Christopher has been able to turn to both his father and Buck in times of need. Buck’s positive relationship with Christopher has helped Eddie make an important decision. He chose to make Buck his son’s legal guardian if the unthinkable were to happen to him.

McHugh was introduced to the show once Guzman became a proud member of the 118 in season two. Once they joined the team, fans quickly learned that Eddie was a single father. They also learned that Christopher has cerebral palsy. The two had no problem welcoming Buck to their family. Stark has also very much enjoyed working with and getting to know Guzman. He has watched his costar grow up and learn new things along the way.

“He’s such a great spirit and really brilliant at what he does, and he’s a nice person to work with,” Stark shared with HELLO magazine.

Currently, it is unknown what will become of Buck and Christopher’s friendship after shocking news during the end of season 5 episode 10: Wrapped in Red. At the end of the episode, Eddie revealed to his fellow firefighters that he will be leaving the 118 for the sake of his son. Christopher suffered from nightmares and feared his father dying on the job. This was what led Eddie to decide that leaving was what he needed to do to best prioritize his son’s mental health. Though an unfortunate decision, Eddie’s choice showed audiences what parents are willing to do to protect their children.

Eddie’s decision to leave the 118 will likely not only affect fans of the show. It could also affect his son’s relationship with Buck. After watching the three of these characters bond and grow over the years, it’s possible that Buck will have trouble accepting and understanding why Eddie has taken this route. Stark hinted at his character struggling with the news.

“It comes from a place of wanting his partner by his side. Buck will struggle, and won’t completely understand – but he will have to get used to it.”

Fans can only wait until the show returns in March 2022 to get more answers.