‘9-1-1’ Star Ryan Guzman Provides Cryptic Teaser for Eddie’s Future

by Anna Dunn

9-1-1 actor Ryan Guzman just teased fans about Edde’s future on the series. Guzman plays Eddie, whose future on the show is in question after a shocking mid-season finale. Fans have a ton of questions for Guzman, but he’s remaining very quiet.

In the mid-season finale, a one-on-one with his son causes Eddie to re-think his entire career. In fact, he even handed in an official letter of resignation, sending fans into an absolute frenzy. This is also a month after Michael, played by Rockmund Dunbar, was written off the series. Fans are still reeling from Michael’s sudden departure. Could Eddie really be next?

Eddie left because his work, after all, is dangerous. As a firefighter, he has to constantly put himself in harm’s way. But would he really leave the show? He’s a fan-favorite character, so unless actor Ryan Guzman is ready to leave 9-1-1, it’s hard to see him written off this way.

“[Christopher is] worried about me, about the risks I take while I’m at work,” Eddie said in the midseason finale. “I think I have to make a change. I’m leaving the 118.”

Upon the announcement, Buck, Hen, and Ravi were not happy with the news. They could be losing one of their most cherished co-workers. Buck, who’s incredibly close with Eddie, probably won’t take this well at all. And the shocked look on their faces is one of the last things fans got to see as the show faded to black.

Guzman Teased his ‘9-1-1’ Future in a New Post

While we won’t know Eddie’s fate for sure until the show returns, Guzman gave fans a bit of a teaser. A new post from the Eddie actor shows he’s at least going to be back for the next episode.

“Stage 4 Eddie Diaz Comin soon…” he wrote. The caption is also coupled with some interesting emojis.

Fans are really speculating on the emojis. It seems the first three represent different phases of his life. There’s the army helmet then the medal then the firetruck and then…. a bird? Obviously, the bird is what’s getting people a bit tripped up.

But despite how many fans are blowing up his Instagram with questions about his future on the show, Guzman has managed to remain silent.

And oh boy, the 9-1-1 hiatus isn’t as short as most shows. In fact, its mid-season hiatus lasts for months instead of weeks. We have to wait all the way until March of 2022 to get any sort of answers about Eddie outside of cryptic posts and teasers.

Until then you can catch up on the hit series on Hulu.