‘9-1-1’ Star Vanessa Estelle Williams Opens Up About What Gave Her Anxiety on the Show

by Kati Michelle
(Photo by Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic)

Vanessa Estelle Williams hit the ground running with her Claudette Williams character for Season 5 of the high-pressure “9-1-1” drama series on the Fox network. She’s already made the role her own delivering a special kind of no-nonsense attitude.

She says the cast gave her nothing but a warm welcome and she feels especially honored to play a first responder. You’d never be able to tell that she has any anxiety about the role given her stellar performance. Still, according to Vanessa Estelle Williams herself, this particular thing gives her the most anxiety when filming.

The ‘9-1-1’ Star Says the Terminology Was the Hardest Part Followed By the Quick Filming Schedule

After nabbing the role at the last minute, Vanessa Estelle Williams immediately reported for duty on the set of “9-1-1.” Here, Williams apparently struggled with some of the lingo for the scenes. She dubs it “dispatch police jargon” and tells Assignment X:

“It was all of this dispatch police jargon that got thrown at me, and I was just crazy with anxiety, trying to figure out, ‘Okay, how am I going to get all of this out of my mouth?'”

At the end of the day, she buckled down and did what she had to do. “And somehow I was able to,” she says.

Williams then credits the rest of the “9-1-1” squad for their team-oriented culture.

“They were really supportive about helping me win, in the way we shot and set it all up because this character was not only a 9-1-1 dispatcher, but she was such a pro that everybody was looking to her, and crowding around [to watch] how she handles a call. She was a star dispatcher. So, I couldn’t go in there flubbing [laughs]. It was important that I be excellent. That was pretty daunting because I had very little time to prepare for all of that.”

Vanessa Estelle Williams Shows Off Her Gratitude for the Series

Vanessa Estelle Williams recently took to Instagram to share her gratitude for the role of Claudette Williams on the “9-1-1” series. She uses the hashtag #gratefulfortheworkido while also thanking the real-life heroes that she and the rest of the cast portray.

Check it out:

The fans give her glowing reviews with one leaving this lengthy comment:

“Representation matters. This is an amazing work that #911foxtv is doing with your character babe. All the first responders no matter which part they play need to be repped as accurately as possible and 911 writers, producers and actors are doing such an amazing job. Thank you for your work and dedication to your craft at repping others as authentically as possible. ILY so.👏❤️”