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‘9-1-1’ Star Vanessa Estelle Williams Says She Received a Warm Welcome

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by FOX Image Collection via Getty Images)

Just a little over a month after making her debut on FOX’s hit series 9-1-1, Vanessa Estelle Williams is now opening up about her time on the set. 

While chatting with KTLA, Williams stated it’s been a thrill to work on the set of 9-1-1. “I’ve been so warmly welcomed. Everyone in front of the camera and behind has been so wonderfully welcoming. Just wonderful.”

Williams also describes her character as being pretty complex and stern as well as bossy. “But she’s got her reasons.”

According to Deadline, Williams plays the role of Claudette Collins, who is a “take-control” 9-1-1 Call Center veteran who transfers back to the main Los Angeles station. Her first episode of 9-1-1 was the fourth episode of the latest season, Home and Away. The episode follows the 118 as the team arrives on the scene after a truck crashes into a high school homecoming parade. 

Prior to landing the role on 9-1-1, Williams was in various TV series throughout the years. This includes Day of Our Lives, The Bay, The L World: Generation Q, 40 and Single, American Horror Story, and The Flash. She was also in films such as Mother, Punks, Like Mike, and Ice Spiders. 

‘9-1-1’ Star Vanessa Estelle Williams Talks About Her Role on ‘American Horror Story’

During her August 2021 interview with The Daily Texan, 9-1-1 star Vanessa Estelle Williams opened up about her role on another TV series, American Horror Story. 

While chatting about being a fan of American Horror Story prior to joining the cast, Williams stated, “You couldn’t be on the planet and not be. I did a deep dive into season and Coven. I’m grateful to have FX and Hulu so that you can really see it in the daytime and take breaks when you have to.”

When asked what was her favorite American Horror Story season, Williams declared Coven was her go to season. “But really, all of them are rich because the work of the actors and how they flesh out [Murphy’s] vision is so marvelous.”

Along with American Horror Story, Williams spoke about revisiting her role as Anne-Marie McCoy in Candyman. She first played the role in the 1991 supernatural horror film before reprising it in 2021. “My horror trajectory is so circumstantial. It’s not something that I sought, it’s something that sought me. I like doing iconic works. Being involved in impactful projects. So any opportunity to make a sort of impact on the culture and be in the zeitgeist, I’m down for that.”

Williams goes on to add blessed to have those opportunities. “This was an offer … (that) every actor lives for.”