‘9-1-1’ Teases the Perfect Way to End Your Monday

by Joe Rutland

Hey, Outsiders, ready to hit that 5 o’clock drive home or maybe to your favorite watering hole? Fox TV show “9-1-1” has something, too.

The first-responder-focused show shared this on its Twitter feed on Monday.

It might be something someone was looking for as the workday winds down.

Check out this “Monday Survival Kit” from “9-1-1” right now.

And hey, if you get home before “9-1-1” comes on, then you can catch a new episode.

So, this show from Fox airs at 8 p.m. Eastern, 7 p.m. Central, on its stations. Check your schedules for the channel in your area.

Angela Bassett and Peter Krause star in the show which is in its fifth season. Also among the cast are Aisha Hinds, Oliver Stark, Rockmond Dunbar, and Kenneth Choi.

This show also has produced a spin-off, “9-1-1: Lone Star,” which stars Rob Lowe.

‘9-1-1’ Star Does Not Pick Up Sense That Angela Bassett Flaunts EP Role

Those who watch “9-1-1” religiously know that Bassett plays one of the show’s leads in Athena Grant-Nash, a Los Angeles Police Department patrol sergeant.

Yet the award-winning actress also is an executive producer on the hour-long drama.

Cast member Stark admits that he doesn’t sense Bassett flaunts or shows off on the set as an EP.

He said that when Bassett is working as an actress, then she’s fulfilling that role.

“You don’t sense that at all,” Stark said regarding Bassett. “So I don’t consciously think about it when we’re working, which is nice, because you don’t want to think, ‘Oh, I’m doing a scene with this person, who’s shouting at me in the scene, and she’s also my boss.’ There’s no element of that in play, which is nice.”

Bassett has starred in movies like “What’s Love Got To Do with It” as singer Tina Turner, along with “The Score” and “Gospel Hill.”

Krause Got Involved With Fox Show After Hearing What Murphy Wanted To Do

In “9-1-1,” her character is married to Krause’s Robert “Bobby” Nash.

Speaking of Krause, what inspired the actor to join up on this Fox show?

The Hollywood Reporter talked with Krause and he offered up these thoughts.

He said executive producer Ryan Murphy “wanted ‘9-1-1’ to drive, to move and be different from other procedural shows, and have humor and romance, and that’s what you see.

“I love the end result on the show,” he said. “It’s really hard work on ‘9-1-1,’ but what we end up with, it’s a superior product.”

Apparently, fans agree about the product. They can’t wait to get their Monday night TV viewing kicked off with the show.

“9-1-1” continues to help Fox get some audiences on their shows. It looks like this one will be around a bit longer.