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‘9-1-1’: What is Rockmond Dunbar Doing Now After Michael Grant is Written Off Show?

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Chelsea Guglielmino/WireImage)

9-1-1 fans were saddened as one of the popular show’s main characters made a big decision – and a big move earlier this week. This decision then ultimately led to an unexpected exit on the hit FOX series.

In a move that shocked audiences, Rockmond Dunbar’s 9-1-1 character, Michael Grant, proposed to his boyfriend, David. Michael decided to make this move after David, a neurosurgeon, announced he was planning to move to Haiti to help communities in need. Michael then decides that he is going to join David in the move to Haiti. This choice shocked not only the other 9-1-1 characters but the fans of the series, as well.

‘9-1-1’ Star Moves Forward After Exiting the Series

Now that the longtime series regular has exited the series, saying goodbye to his 9-1-1 role, what does the actor, Rockmond Dunbar, have in the works going forward?

According to IMDB, the longtime actor is currently filming a chilling and suspenseful film titled Red Winter.

The upcoming thriller features a couple, Carla Andrews and Daniel Marx who decide to take a vacation within the Colorado mountains. The couple is planning the vacation to try and reignite their rocky relationship.

However, the solitude that Carla and Daniel hope to find in their romantic getaway soon becomes deadly for the couple. Shortly after arriving in their picturesque Colorado Mountain getaway, Carla becomes a witness to a murder that is committed by cartel hitmen. The killers soon realize there was a witness to the crime. They then begin stalking the couple through the bitterly cold mountains.

Determined to not become victims of the cartel as the members hunt the couple down in the mountains, Carla and Daniel fight back. The couple fight to stay alive and take down their attackers. They do this while relying on a variety of unique skills to fight for their survival.

Ashley A. Williams portrays Carla Andrews in the film and Vernon Davis portrays Daniel Marx in the upcoming film. There is little information about former 9-1-1 star Rockmond Dunbar’s character Harold in the upcoming film.

Other cast members of the upcoming Red Winter film include Doris Morgado, Karon Riley, Jason Coviello, and Alix Kermes.

An Unexpected Goodbye

Rockmond Dunbar’s exit from 9-1-1 came fairly abruptly Monday night after the actor was written off due to conflict over COVID-19 vaccine requirements.

In the series, Dunbar’s Michael Grant is rocked by an explosion that nearly took the life of his fiance, David. This near-death moment inspires Michael to join David as he travels to Haiti to help those who need him most.

Rockmond Dunbar’s Michael Grant has been a regular on the popular series since the show’s pilot episode in 2018.

Michael Grant was initially, married to Angela Bassett’s 9-1-1 character, Athena Grant. However, the character eventually came out as gay. The couple then decided to divorce, remaining on good terms.