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‘9-1-1’: When Does the Show Return?

by Jennifer Shea
Amy Sussman/WireImage

9-1-1 airs Monday nights on Fox, but yesterday, fans were just out of luck as the cast and crew took a brief hiatus. Luckily, it’s only a week-long hiatus. So 9-1-1 will return on Nov. 29.

What’s more, there’s a pretty epic episode headed fans’ way for next Monday, according to CinemaBlend. The episode, titled “Past Is Prologue,” combines professional dangers with personal drama for the 118 crew.

In “Past Is Prologue,” Bobby (Peter Krause) and his crew have to face an abandoned oil well that explodes in the middle of a downtown Los Angeles street. Meanwhile, Athena (Angela Bassett) is dealing with a cold case – a casino robbery that happened 30 years ago. And there’s plenty more going on besides that. Watch the official promo for the episode here:

9-1-1 Star Peter Krause Notes First Responders Have Been Living Through the Pandemic, Too

First responders are on the front lines of the pandemic, but they’re also just trying to get through it like everybody else. As Krause pointed out in a May interview with Entertainment Tonight, the pandemic has taken its toll on the characters of 9-1-1, who like real first responders have to compartmentalize to get through the day.

“As first responders, they have to compartmentalize because of their jobs, but along with the rest of us, those characters have been living through the pandemic,” Krause said. “So as much as they try to keep calm and carry on, sometimes you bury your feelings and don’t communicate them. And that’s what’s going on with Athena and Bobby. And so, they’re at a point where they’re not only dealing with their jobs, but the pandemic and everything else. They haven’t really been communicating and taking care of each other the way that they should. And so, they hit this point where they need to take a good look at each other and focus on each other and their relationship.”

Krause added that both Bobby and Athena were “lost” until they found each other. As Bobby wrestles with sobriety, he’s increasingly leaning on Athena for emotional support. And she, in turn, has learned to lean on him.

Despite Its Outlandish Emergencies, Show Is True to Life in One Way

9-1-1 is becoming known for its borderline ridiculous emergencies (like an oil geyser erupting in the middle of downtown L.A.). But Krause said that there’s one way in which it accurately mirrors real life.

“It’s one of the things I really love about the show is that like life, there’s always a surprise lurking around the corner,” Krause told ET. “Sometimes they’re pleasant surprises, like last week’s episode, ‘Treasure Hunt.’ And an episode really has so many various tones a lot of times. But when it goes dark, it’s part of life.”

Unfortunately, that has meant that sometimes characters do die in the line of duty. 9-1-1 fans have got to be hoping that’s not the case for Monday’s episode, which they will have waited a full week to watch. But only time will tell.