‘9-1-1’: Why Angela Bassett Feels Like Show is Unlike Any Other Procedural

by Chase Thomas

9-1-1 fans love the program for a multitude of reasons, however, one major reason the fans love the show is how different it feels from other police procedurals. This difference is what Rob Lowe said drew him to 9-1-1: Lone Star which is that he is able to flex different kinds of muscles while working in this kind of environment. He blends comedy and seriousness on the program, so it feels different.

Angela Bassett, star of 9-1-1, feels similarly thus far.

Bassett told Deadline, “It definitely has the, “Let’s solve the crime, the emergency of the hour,” but multiply that by four. But I think also that these people who seem to have it going on, they have these complex personalities and lives where they don’t have it going on.” So, Bassett acknowledges that the show, because it is still at the heart of it a procedural, follows a common format for the genre, it’s just amplified. It’s also a show where people are not what they seem, which intrigues Bassett and fans alike.

‘9-1-1’ Tells Whole Story

She continued, “If you’re on the outside looking at others, just glimpsing their humanity, we think, “They have it together, and I wish I did.” But you can really relate when you see that there’s some times when they misstep, or misunderstand, or are just rejected. It’s very reflective of what goes on in life, and there’s that quirky tone that, I think, Murphy and Falchuk bring to it. But that’s life.”

This is an interesting perspective for Bassett to have. She loves working on the show because it shows the complexity to human beings. That you can’t judge a book by its cover. Murphy, the showrunner, does a great job of showcasing both sides.

She said, “You’ve got to laugh to keep from crying sometimes. ‘Quirky’ I guess is the only word I can sort of use to describe [the series’ tone]. It’s not completely action-oriented; it’s not completely procedural.” She sees it as a different show.

She concludes, “It’s more everyday life drama thrown in there, with comedic elements.”

Different Roles for ‘9-1-1’ Star

Another facet that Bassett enjoys about working on the show is the different roles she has, including producing. It’s a show that allows her to be versatile in her skillset as she said,” I think in the past, coming on as an actor, you get the script, you read it—”OK, well how can I have some fun with this character? What can I do?” But because I came on as an EP, I was able to have a different sort of relationship this time around, able to be in communication about, does this ring true about my character? Would I find myself in this situation? I was able to do that early on, because the writers were still figuring it out themselves. I’m appreciating having that opportunity.”

You can watch 9-1-1 on FOX.